11 Gifts for the Tennis Fanatic in Your Life

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Ace the gift-buying process for your tennis-loving friend or family member with these Nike court essentials.

Last updated: 20 July 2022
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11 Nike Tennis Gifts for Players of All Levels

From tennis shoes designed for quick pivoting to a racket that helps perfect a player's backhand, tennis gear is a serious part of any tennis fanatic's game.

When it comes to picking out gifts for tennis lovers, it can feel like a challenge if you're not well-versed in the game. How do you ensure your purchase is a piece of tennis equipment they'll actually use—and love?

The simple solution: pick gear that has the stamp of approval from Nike tennis pros like Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and Naomi Osaka. Here are the best gifts for tennis players from Nike.

11 Gifts for Tennis Players

1. Tennis Duffel Bag

11 Nike Tennis Gifts for Players of All Levels

Nike tennis duffel bags are designed to haul every extra tennis garment, accessory or ball in an orderly fashion. The Nike Brasilia 9.5 Training Duffel Bag, for example, measures approx. 70cm by 35cm by 35cm (28 inches by 14 inches by 14 inches) and contains multiple compartment stores (including a separate one for dirty shoes and/or clothes) to keep things organised.

2. Headband

For those particularly hot, humid matches, sweat can be a major interference if it gets in an athlete's eyes. Nike headbands help keep sweat and hair flyaways from impeding players' vision, all while keeping them dry and comfortable throughout the match.

3. Hair Bands

For long-locked tennis players, the intensity of a match requires a secure elastic capable of keeping hair out of their face. From scrunchies to bows to no-frills ties, Nike hair bands are a great gift for tennis players—and they're budget-friendly.

4. Tennis Hat

Like headbands and hair bands, hats help keep sweat and hair from hindering an athlete's vision on the court and they also provide sun protection for outdoor matches. Nike tennis hats, like the NikeCourt Heritage86 Naomi Osaka Hat, are made for the court, with features that help increase airflow for breathability, as well as soft, sweat-wicking fabric that provides comfort and keeps skin cool and dry.

5. Tennis Jacket

Particularly on cold mornings before muscles are primed to play, tennis jackets are a warm-up (and post-match) necessity for players. Nike tennis jackets feature soft, stretchy fabrics to move seamlessly with a player's swing, as well as easy on-and-off design elements, allowing athletes to quickly remove and put back on the garment throughout the warm-up and match.

6. Tennis Shoes

Outfit the tennis pro in your life with high-performance tennis shoes that help absorb impact and provide comfort, traction and stability on the court. Many Nike tennis-shoe styles are designed with innovative technologies, like a Zoom Air unit, which provides responsive cushioning with every step.

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7. Tennis Socks

A pair of socks may not seem like the most exciting item on a tennis fan's wishlist, but it's a gift that's hard to get wrong. Nike tennis socks contain all the features that tennis players need in a sock: plush, sweat-wicking fabric and supportive, sturdy design.

8. Tennis Skirt or Dress

High-performance tennis gear is first and foremost about function, but showcasing some style doesn't hurt. Nike tennis skirts and dresses feature an airy, roomy design to float around the court, and they are made from stretchy, moisture-wicking fabrics and built-in shorts to keep players comfortable during their toughest matches.

9. Tennis Shorts

With perforations for breathability, sweat-wicking technology to keep a player cool (even when their heart rate and body temperature are high) and flexible designs that promote side-to-side mobility, Nike tennis shorts provide comfort, durability and versatility for athletes throughout games and sets. Look for a pair with pockets or inner shorts that provide storage for extra tennis balls.

10. Tennis Tank or Sleeveless Top

A breathable, lightweight sleeveless T-shirt or tank top is a must-have on the court. The NikeCourt Dri-FIT Victory tank, for example, uses special Dri-FIT Technology to draw moisture off the body and evaporate more quickly. The tennis player in your life will thank you when it comes time to play a match in the heat.

11. Tennis T-Shirt

Whether they want a more tailored polo or a sweat-wicking, loose-fitting top to keep their shoulders protected from the sun, Nike tennis short-sleeve T-shirts are a no-fail gift for tennis players. The NikeCourt Dri-FIT Rafa T-Shirt (a great pick for Rafael Nadal fans), for example, is made from a soft jersey fabric, making it a wardrobe staple on and off the court.

Words by Julia Sullivan, ACE-certified CPT

Originally published: 18 July 2022

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