The Best Nike Sneakers to Wear in Winter

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Sneakers with waterproof coatings, grippy rubber soles and fleece linings are built to stand up to winter weather. Check out the best winter sneakers by Nike.

Last updated: 22 December 2022
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The Best Nike Sneakers to Wear in the Winter

Wintry weather conditions call for cosy clothing, insulative outerwear and durable footwear built to withstand inclement weather. But that doesn't mean you should only wear clunky, burly winter boots once the temperature drops.

A winterized sneaker can offer many of the same benefits as a pair of boots—while also being lightweight and sleek. From Air Force 1s to Pegasus running shoes, some of the top Nike sneaker styles are made in winter versions, with added design features to keep athletes warm and ready to take on snow, sleet, rain or anything else. Think: grippy traction on the sole, waterproof uppers and warm inner linings.

Check out the top Nike winter shoe varieties below.

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The Best Nike Sneakers for Winter

1. Nike GORE-TEX Sneakers

For braving any type of wet, wintry weather—like snow, sleet or rain—opt for a pair of Nike winter sneakers made from GORE-TEX technology. Thanks to the hydrophobic GORE-TEX layer, these waterproof winter sneakers keep moisture out, while still being breathable and allowing sweat vapour to escape through the material.

Some Nike GORE-TEX sneakers feature other weatherproof features, like an additional gaiter around the collar to keep out debris. And although they'll keep out water, not all pairs are insulated for maximum warmth—it's best to pair them with high-quality, cushioned Nike socks to keep feet cosy.

You can find GORE-TEX technology in several winter shoes designed for athletic performance, including running shoes, hiking shoes and tactical boots. They're also available in everyday lifestyle sneakers, like Air Force 1s and Air Max 90s.

The Best Nike Sneakers to Wear in the Winter

The Nike Air Force 1 GTX is clad in GORE-TEX technology, and the rubber outsole and tread deliver top-notch, multi-surface traction.

2. Nike Sneaker-inspired Winter Boots

These sneaker-inspired winter kicks are some of the most protective Nike winter shoes. You can find Nike boots for the whole family—from toddlers to older kids to adults.

Many of the boots in this collection take notes from Nike classics, like Air Force 1s, but they're optimised for winter weather. Deep lugs on the outsole provide traction in slippery conditions, and a weatherproof upper prevents moisture from seeping in and dampening your shoes. Many Nike boots have a fleece or polyester felt lining for extra warmth.

Although they're heavy-duty and durable, these sneaker-style boots retain the qualities of the everyday Nike sneaker you might wear in warmer weather, including classic, leather Swoosh overlays, bold accents and textured materials.

The Best Nike Sneakers to Wear in the Winter

Some boots, like those in the Nike All Conditions Gear (ACG) line, are streetwear-inspired, but provide the function of heavy-duty outdoor boots, with features like underfoot lugs and a durable plastic midfoot shank. The Nike ACG Air Zoom Gaiadome GORE-TEX boots, for example, are built with lightweight yet tough materials, and they deliver a propulsive sensation, comfort and cushioning on all types of terrain.

3. Cold-weather Running Shoes

Whether you're looking for winter-ready running shoes for the roads or the trails, many Nike running shoes come in winterized versions, so runners can keep chasing their training goals all year long, whatever the weather.

For rainy or snowy conditions, look for a running shoe with a GORE-TEX lining or one that's part of the Shield collection. Several Nike Pegasus silhouettes come with Nike GORE-TEX technology.

For a winter running shoe with an extra-cosy feel, go for a winterized Nike Pegasus Shield or Nike Winflo Shield sneaker. These shoes are water-repellent and feature insulated fabrics for warmth. You'll also find a gusseted tongue to keep out rain or snow and a Storm-Tread outsole, inspired by winter tyres, to provide traction in wet weather.

The Best Nike Sneakers to Wear in the Winter

The sole of Nike Pegasus winterized trail shoes is tough and durable, with an aggressive traction pattern that offers extra grip. Make your mark in the snow with these winter-ready running shoes.

Words by Hannah Singleton

Originally published: 16 December 2022

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