The 6 Most Comfortable Running Shoes by Nike

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Comfort means something different to every runner. Learn how to find which shoe is most comfortable for you—and check out the top picks by Nike.

Last updated: 21 June 2023
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The 6 Most Comfortable Running Shoes by Nike

Choosing a pair of running shoes that feel great can help provide an extra boost of energy and motivation when it's time to go out for a run. But how do you know which running shoes will be most comfortable for you?

Nike running shoes are built with high-performance technology and innovative features to make a runner's ride feel smooth and efficient. From foam cushioning to breathable mesh uppers to a wide toe box designed for a comfortable fit, there are several features that can impact how comfortable a shoe feels when you step into it.

Note: When it comes to picking out the most comfortable running shoes, finding the right fit is one of the most important factors. If a running shoe is too big or small, you might experience blisters, irritation, rubbing of the fabrics against the skin or other uncomfortable indicators that you may be wearing the wrong size. To be properly fitted for a pair of new running shoes, stop by a Nike store or specialist running shop and speak to an expert.

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Below, learn more about the most comfortable Nike running shoes—and which features to consider to find the best running shoe for you.

The 6 Most Comfortable Nike Running Shoes

1. For the Most Cushioning: Nike Invincible

The 6 Most Comfortable Running Shoes by Nike

With the most underfoot comfort of any Nike running shoe, the Invincible provides a cushioned and supportive sensation. If you're looking for a soft, padded and bouncy sensation with each stride, the Nike Invincible is for you.

This shoe provides high levels of support for long-distance training runs and casual jogs alike. The carefully designed support and cushioning help you feel stable and secure, wherever a run takes you.

The Invincible 3, for example, offers cushion and stability intentionally placed and shaped to help protect a runner's foot from the effects of pronation (the inwards roll of the foot when it lands on the ground). This latest iteration of the Invincible also features a wider midsole than previous models, adding stability.

The lightweight Nike ZoomX cushioning helps soften the impact of each step, with a rocker-like shape and high foam height. This foam not only feels plush and comfy—it also provides responsiveness and energy return, helping give runners a little more spring in their step.

To avoid the feeling of damp, sweaty feet after a long run, the Invincible 3 also features a breathable Flyknit upper that's strong and durable, promoting airflow while also helping to keep the feet secure.

2. For the Most Support: Nike Infinity

The 6 Most Comfortable Running Shoes by Nike

The Nike Infinity running shoe offers high levels of cushion and support, just like the Nike Invincible, however this model features Nike React foam instead of Nike ZoomX cushioning. Nike React is an incredibly plush and responsive foam.

But what does this foam feel like on your feet? For starters, it's a balanced blend of softness and durability, which stayed strong and soft even after serious machine testing that mimicked the forces of long-time use. The rocker-shaped sole allows for a smooth, stable and comfortable sensation throughout all three phases of a runner's stride: it feels flexible for the push off the ground, has a smooth ride as the foot moves forwards and feels soft and padded when the foot hits the ground. Plus, a wide sole provides added stability on contact.

The foam isn't the only detail providing maximum comfort. The Flyknit upper is built with specific zones of breathability, flexibility and containment to help keep the feet cool and secure, while Flywire technology provides support through the midfoot. The hybrid tongue combines a sock-like feel with the adjustability of a traditional shoe tongue. Finally, soft padding at the collar adds a level of cushioning and comfort around the ankle.

3. For the Most Premium, Springy Cushioning: Nike Vomero

The 6 Most Comfortable Running Shoes by Nike

For a lightweight and springy running shoe that brings an energetic pop to your stride, check out the Vomero. This shoe contains responsive ZoomX foam cushioning, the lightest and highest energy-returning foam by Nike. This foam cushioning, combined with a Zoom Air unit under the forefoot, provides a snappy, bouncy feeling as you push off the ground.

This shoe provides ample support for high-mileage runners, with an adjustable midfoot band and a clip at the heel for stability. The midfoot band helps runners adjust how snug and secure the foot feels in the shoe, helping achieve a personalised, comfortable fit.

The upper features mesh cooling zones in key areas (especially around the toes) to provide stretch and ventilation, as well as a plush tongue for added comfort.

4. For the Most Stability: Nike Structure

The 6 Most Comfortable Running Shoes by Nike

The ultimate Nike running shoe for stability, the Structure is informed by data of hundreds of runners, whose insights helped inform the crash pad placement at the heel. This crash pad provides added cushioning for heel-to-toe transitions, helping support runners who tend to overpronate.

For runners who feel most comfortable with firm yet supportive cushioning under the foot, the Structure is the way to go.

In the forefoot, a Zoom Air unit is strategically placed to help add responsiveness and absorb impact. Plus, the durable rubber in the sole is built to withstand high mileage. Design details like grooves in the forefoot and the side help add flexibility and stability when the foot makes contact with the ground.

To round off the comfort-minded features, you'll find a moulded heel, comfy tongue, breathable mesh, laces that tighten for a secure feel, and a soft and durable lining around the heel and ankle, which helps keep socks from bunching up when you run.

5. For the Most Versatility: Nike Pegasus

The 6 Most Comfortable Running Shoes by Nike

The Nike Pegasus launched in 1983 as the brand's first running shoe. Over the years, the shoe has evolved to feature the high-performance technology of today, while still maintaining versatility and reliability.

The Pegasus is a neutral-support shoe, helping provide balance and stability for both heel strikers and forefoot strikers without being bulky. It's well-suited for all kinds of runs, from marathon training to speed sessions to recovery jogs.

The comfort of this shoe comes through in the high levels of responsiveness from the Nike React technology and double Zoom Air units—one in the forefoot and one in the heel. On the upper, a highly tuned single layer of mesh creates an inviting fit and feel. Plus, the midfoot strap provides a moulded fit on the foot, shaped for foot arches of all sizes.

Tip: If you're into trail running, Pegasus Trail shoes are built for off-road terrain, with durable rubber traction patterns on the outsole to help grip on rocky paths. These trail-running shoes provide comfort for adventurous outdoor runs, and some also feature waterproof GORE-TEX protection for wet-weather runs.

6. For the Best Value: Nike Winflo

The 6 Most Comfortable Running Shoes by Nike

For runners looking for a comfortable shoe at a lower price point, opt for the Nike Winflo. Similar to the Pegasus and Vomero, this shoe works well as a daily trainer, offering neutral support and a springy feeling for runners. The full-length Nike Air cushioning in the sole of the shoe is combined with soft foam in the midsole, resulting in a bouncy experience that's easy on the feet.

The toe box of the Winflo 10 has been reworked, offering more wiggle room in the forefoot, and the overlays on the toe add a layer of durability.

The engineered mesh in the upper is ultra-breathable, and the tongue of the shoe is connected to the upper's inner lining, making for a comfortable and secure fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should running shoes be replaced?

In general, it's best to replace a pair of running shoes after wearing them for 300–500 miles. However, this estimate doesn't take all the variables into account, including a runner's gait, the surfaces they tend to run on, the intensity of the workouts and more. If you notice an uneven wear pattern on the sole, if the shoes feel like they've lost their bounce, or if you're noticing blisters or more soreness than usual, it may be time for a new pair of running shoes.

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Are running shoes comfortable for walking?

Because Nike running shoes are built to provide support and cushioning for forwards motion, they are well-suited for walking, too. For a shoe designed specifically for walking, jogging and running at fluctuating paces, check out the Nike Motiva.

Originally published: 6 January 2022

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