Trained Podcast: Hit Your Goals with Shalane Flanagan


Running six marathons in six weeks while being a mum, author and coach isn't superhuman, it's just Shalane Flanagan. Hear how she does it.

Last updated: 29 June 2022
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How to Achieve Goals and Inspire Others, According to Shalane Flanagan

Trained is a podcast exploring the cutting edge of holistic fitness.

When Shalane Flanagan found out that all six World Marathon Majors would take place in less than seven weeks, she couldn't pass up the opportunity to make history. After two reconstructive knee surgeries and a year off from running, the long-distance legend came back to show herself—and the next generation of women athletes—what's possible when you put your mind to it. On this episode of Trained, she joins host Jaclyn Byrer to break down everything that inspired her to take on the marathon of marathons and gives us a look at the training and recovery plan that's helped her rise to the challenge (and have fun along the way). She also opens up about her journey as an athlete and new mum, what it's like to be one of the only women in the world of elite coaching and how anyone can achieve their personal best.

"If you surround yourself with great people, and you're helping make them better, you're naturally gonna come up and you're gonna rise and you're gonna be better".

Shalane Flanagan
Former Nike athlete and Bowerman Track Club running coach

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Originally published: 18 November 2021

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