Episode 8: Lea Schairer

In the last film in our series on the female skateboarding scene around the world, we headed to Munich to catch up with Lea Schairer.

It’s been a tough couple of years for the German skater. Having undergone surgery on a serious knee injury in 2019, Lea had just about fought her way back to full fitness when lockdown began.

But as the summer rolled around, Lea’s refusal to give up saw her back on the streets of of her adopted city doing what she does best with a fearless attitude and the freshest style.

Not Here By Luck

“For me, it’s all about making memories and taking in the good times.”

Episode 7: Kate Shengeliya

Kate’s home city of Moscow is covered in snow for much of the year, so it’s no surprise she took to snowboarding first.

Then Kate grabbed a skateboard and before long she was showcasing her impossible skills on eight-stair sets and frontside lip-sliding street rails like it was no big deal.

Not Here By Luck

"Once I got started, I quickly wanted to live skateboarding, to breathe it."

Episode 6: Rianne Evans

Rolling through the streets of Brighton and London, Rianne takes us through her skateboarding journey—her first encounters with a board, overcoming fears, the rise of female skaters and the role of friendship in skateboarding.

Not Here By Luck

Episode 5: Cata Diaz

Originally from Valparaiso, a Chilean port city, skateboarding wasn’t the easiest path for Cata.

Not Here By Luck

“Where I come from we didn’t even have a skatepark when I started skating. We had to make our own ledge, our own flat bar.”

Episode 4: Keet Oldenbeuving

An independent and confident rising star, Keet is the youngest in the series so far, but proves that age means nothing.

We take a look at Keet’s lifestyle in The Netherlands, following her routine as she takes us to local spots and sessions with her closest friends.

Not Here By Luck

"Whenever I want I can take a rail and go practice some tricks outside the house. Even when it's really cold, I just take a jacket and skate."

Episode 3: Gizmo

In May 2019, we hosted the 'Gizmo' global premiere in London—the first all-female Nike SB skate film.

Naturally, we popped over to capture the electricity of the moment and share some behind-the-scenes insights on the making of the film from the skaters and the crew.

Not Here By Luck

Episode 2: Rio SLS

In January 2019, Lore Bruggeman, Keet Oldenbeuving and Charlotte Hym made their way to Brazil to compete at the SLS Rio contest.

We tagged along and documented the journey of these three up-and-coming riders

Not Here By Luck

"We're friends so it's not really a competition, we just skate cause it's fun."

Episode 1: Sarah Meurle

Swedish skateboarder Sarah Meurle is a photographer as well. Her passion for photography developed from her time spent documenting skate sessions with friends.

For our first episode, we followed Sarah through Paris for the launch of a SOLO magazine issue, for which she was the guest editor.

Not Here By Luck

"I think a lot of people picked up a camera because they were out skating and wanted to document their friends."