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Welcome to a Life Well-Lived. Your wellness is already within you. As a Member, you have everything you need to amplify it with access to all kinds of movement and mindfulness guidance from Nike Well Collective Experts, Coaches and Trainers in our Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club Apps.

Nike Well Collective FAQs

Q: What is the Nike Well Collective?

A: The Nike Well Collective is designed to support well-being journeys for everyone—in whatever way that looks to you. Here, we celebrate the joy of movement, the power of mindfulness and the benefits of considering the whole self. Supported by a global community of experts and trainers, we are providing access to the best guidance, innovation, experiences and community connections.

Q: What is Holistic Fitness?

A: Our Holistic Fitness philosophy focuses on body, mind and life—whatever your fitness level. We believe in the power of combining physical fitness with mental and emotional balance to achieve a life well-lived.

Q: What are the components of Holistic Fitness?

A: Nike’s five pillars of holistic fitness include: movement, mindfulness, nutrition, rest and connection.