Last updated: 28 April 2022
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Bra By Adwoa

Adwoa Aboah: Sports Bra Style Up

Bra By Adwoa is our latest installment of the Bra By series, and this time we’ve been taken over by the iconic fashionista, model, actress and activist, Adwoa Aboah. Through her platform and podcast, Gurls Talk, she’s shown up for her community as a fierce supporter of self-love, and this installment of Sports Bra Style Up is no different. Join Adwoa as she takes us through the how, why, where and what she loves about sports bra style.

London casual with the Nike SwooshBra in White

“London is where I feel most at home, it’s my community. This look reminds me of my hometown, it’s cool, but it has an edge. I love the classic Swoosh Bra, it’s an iconic style for a reason and will always stand the test of time. It has that 90s nostalgia that I love from the days of my youth, and the zinginess of the green jacket with the electric blue of the hoodie underneath gives me all the feels.”

Bra By Adwoa: Sports Bra Style

Understated relaxation with the Nike Air Dri-FIT Indy Bra in Black

“This is my go-to for rest and relaxation. Soft, cozy, comfortable (my eternal vibe) this is perfect for those wind-down yoga sessions when you just wanna stretch and breathe, or just lie on the floor. I still feel supported by this bra, but chilled enough to properly unwind, rest and recover.”

Bra By Adwoa: Sports Bra Style

A pop of colour with the Nike Swoosh Bra in Red

“I love this look, I love the impact of keeping everything super dark and then having that one bright flash of red to cut through. Red is the colour of power, energy, physicality –I feel like I can kick some ass in this outfit. This is perfect for something high impact, like a session in the ring where you just wanna work up a sweat, feel powerful and push yourself to the limit.”

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Originally published: 28 April 2022