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For Every Future Athlete Nike teamed up with four visionary designers inspired by the women competing on the
game's grandest stage this summer. Each unique design pushes the boundary of sport
and culture to reinterpret what the classic football shirt and bra can do.

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Nike x Koché Sporting the exquisite craftsmanship of the atelier, with the remixed patterns
of team shirts, KOCHÉ's designs seamlessly blend flexibility and flair.
"United hearts of Koché"

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Nike x MadeMe Serving to inspire tomorrows sporting legends, Erin Magee's MadeMe collection brings
to life the iconic goddesses of victory. Magee updates the classic Stadium shirt with a
graphic featuring the Goddess of Victory and US Team crest.
"If someone says you play like a girl, ask them which one"

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Nike x Marine Serre In celebration of powerful women in football, Marine Serre delivers a daring
force that's ready to make a statement from the runway to the pitch.
"Shoot for the moon"

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Nike x Ambush Looking towards the future and inspired by the past, Yoon Ahn's
AMBUSH® designs shine a spotlight on the diverse cultures that
make the world championship what it is.
"Make each game your masterpiece"