Surprise and Delight With These Secret Santa Gifts by Nike

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Whether it's a water bottle, beanie or gift card, you're sure to find something in this guide that works for just about anyone.

Last updated: 16 December 2022
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Whether you're participating in a Secret Santa gift swap with colleagues, family or friends, the best Secret Santa gifts appeal to a variety of people—and don't break the bank. Discover memorable items that will impress just about anyone with these Nike finds.

Check out this Secret Santa gift guide to answer all of your shopping needs.

The Best Nike Secret Santa Gift Ideas

1. Nike Mini Backpack

Your Secret Santa recipient can cart around their essentials in style with a mini Nike backpack. Opt for a simple black-and-white design to appeal to just about anyone. From there, choose a classic Nike Swoosh logo or a refined Nike Futura script to rep the brand.

2. Nike Water Bottle

A Nike water bottle is a small and simple gift that will get plenty of use. You can pick a sturdy, stainless-steel option that will stand up to a daily commute and keep water cold all day long.

Or choose a water bottle with a built-in straw and slider button that can be opened using only one hand—ideal for treadmill jaunts or indoor cycling classes.

3. Nike Cold-Weather Accessories

If your gift exchange takes place in a chilly climate, there are plenty of options from Nike. Shop a variety of gloves—some fleece-lined, others with touch-screen compatibility on the fingertips—as well as neck wraps and Swoosh-branded scarves. Or pick a pair of tie-dye cushioned socks that are equal parts fun and functional.

4. Nike Beanie

A beanie is another gift that can easily fit most styles. Nike beanies come in a variety of colours that can work for everyone, such as black and white, heather grey, golden, chocolate or moss green, among others. Selecting a beanie can help keep within the budget of a Secret Santa exchange.

5. Nike Gift Card

When all else fails, opt for a Nike gift card for your recipient to pick out exactly what they want. They can shop for shoes, clothing or training accessories, and find something they'll love. You can't go wrong with this one, especially since you can stick to a set price range.

Words by Emilia Benton

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