The Best Nike Running Shorts for Men

Wearing a pair of high-quality, well-fitting running shorts can help prevent chafing and keep you cool, dry and comfortable mile after mile. Check out Nike's tips and recommendations to find the best pair for you.

Last updated: 11 April 2022
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The Best Nike Running Shorts for Men

Running in any climate requires performance apparel that can stand up to the elements. A pair of running shorts designed with the athlete—and weather—in mind will provide support while helping to keep the lower body dry and comfortable throughout a run. With a range of different lengths, features and styles, Nike men's running shorts offer many benefits wherever you're logging miles.

Key Features to Consider in Running Shorts

Standard, Loose-fitting Running Shorts

Standard-fit men's Nike running shorts are loose, airy, lightweight and breathable. They typically come with an elastic waistband and drawcord to personalise the fit. Nike men's running shorts are available in several lengths, from short shorts to longer styles that offer more coverage. Standard running shorts length is measured at the inseam (in other words, from the top of the inner thigh to the leg opening of the shorts). Nike running shorts come with 5cm (approx.), 10cm (approx.), 13cm (approx.) and 18cm (approx.) inseams.

Tight Running Shorts

For runners who prefer a more supportive, body-hugging sensation, opt for tight shorts or half-length running tights. These types of shorts can help prevent chafing while some styles come with an internal brief liner for added support. A pair of base layer or compression shorts can serve a similar purpose. Apart from being aerodynamic, compression shorts can offer performance benefits, such as reducing recovery time after intense exercise.

If you'd like additional coverage, try wearing a pair of standard-fit shorts over a pair of tight shorts. Men's two-in-one styles are also available if you're looking for the best of both.

Lined vs Unlined Shorts

If tight shorts aren't for you, but you're looking for more support inside the shorts, opt for a pair of lined running shorts. Like tight shorts, liners can also help prevent chafing by reducing uncomfortable friction against the skin, while wicking away moisture to keep the skin cool and dry. Because some men prefer to wear moisture-wicking underwear or compression shorts under their running shorts instead of having a built-in liner, Nike also makes a selection of unlined running shorts.


If you enjoy music on your runs, or if you want to listen to an audio-guided run from the Nike Run Club App, you'll want a secure place to store your phone or other essential items while you run. That's why running shorts with pockets are so convenient. Nike makes shorts with drop-in pockets, side pockets, internal pockets and rear zip pockets. Some shorts have multiple pockets for storing other small items, such as keys or a card, separately as well.

Additional Features To Look For in Running Shorts

  1. 1.Moisture-wicking Fabrics

    For runs that will have you sweating, choose moisture-wicking fabrics to keep the body cool. Nike Dri-FIT shorts are engineered to wick moisture away from your body and disperse it across the surface of the material for speedy evaporation. They're also quick drying, so it's useful to have a pair in your wardrobe for rainy runs.

  2. 2.Sustainable Materials

    Many of Nike's running shorts are made from at least 50 percent sustainable materials, such as recycled polyester, which is made from plastic bottles that are cleaned, shredded into flakes, converted into pellets, and then spun into a high-quality yarn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should Men's Running Shorts Be?

There is no correct length for men's running shorts—it's best to wear whatever feels most comfortable to you. Nike men's running shorts come in a variety of lengths including options with 5cm (approx.), 10cm (approx.), 13cm (approx.) and 18cm (approx.) inseams. Some runners may prefer short shorts because there's less fabric to get in the way of their stride, while others opt for more coverage.

Should You Wear Compression Shorts When Running?

Apart from being aerodynamic, compression shorts can offer performance benefits such as reducing recovery time after intense exercise, which may help you get back on the trail, the roads or the treadmill faster. For additional coverage, try wearing a pair of standard-fit running shorts over a pair of compression shorts.

How Do You Care For Your Nike Running Shorts?

First, check the tag for care instructions. When washing workout clothes, it's generally best to use the gentle cycle with cold water, and avoid using fabric conditioner or dryer sheets. Allow Nike running shorts to air dry whenever possible.

Words by: Lindsay Frankel

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