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Nike ZoomX Dragonfly

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Da lo mejor de ti en la pista con los Nike ZoomX Dragonfly. Su diseño ligero y rápido está hecho para carreras de 1,500 a 10,000 metros.

  • Color que se muestra: Azul carrera/Naranja seguridad/Avalancha lima/Blanco
  • Estilo: CV0400-400

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Evaluaciones (23)

4.9 Estrellas

  • BlakeE93525003 - 01 may 2024

    My son loves them. He says they are extremely comfortable and make him faster. No complaints.

  • Unleashing Speed

    Rodrigo363118300 - 19 feb 2024

    A Game-Changing Experience with Nike ZoomX Dragonfly Track & Field Distance Spikes As a fervent runner always in search of that extra edge, I recently embarked on a journey with the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly Track & Field Distance Spikes, and let me tell you, the experience was nothing short of revolutionary. From the moment I slipped them on, I was struck by their feather-light construction. These spikes are the epitome of agility, offering a sensation of weightlessness that immediately set them apart from any other pair I've worn. But it wasn't just their lightness that left me in awe; it was the incredible energy return provided by the ZoomX foam technology that truly blew me away. With each stride, I felt a powerful bounce that propelled me forward with unmatched force. It was as if these spikes had unlocked a new level of speed and efficiency, allowing me to effortlessly glide across the track. What's more, the responsive cushioning absorbed the impact of each step, sparing my legs from fatigue and allowing me to maintain peak performance throughout my run. But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly spikes was the confidence they instilled in me. As I laced up and stepped onto the track, I felt an undeniable sense of assurance wash over me. I knew that with these spikes on my feet, I was equipped to tackle any challenge that lay ahead. In the end, my experience with the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly Track & Field Distance Spikes can be summed up in one word: trans formative. They not only made me faster but also redefined my perception of what was possible on the track. If you're a serious runner looking to elevate your performance to new heights, look no further than these remarkable spikes. Trust me, they're worth every penny.

  • Very comfortable

    tarac726933457 - 10 feb 2024

    Extremely comfortable. Great cushion. We did go half a size up after first purchasing normal shoe size. Although most reviews said true to size