LeBron 19

Calzado de básquetbol para niños talla grande

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Desde los mayores tapones hasta las volcadas más increíbles, LeBron James domina la cancha como nadie.El LeBron 19 ofrece todo el Air debajo de la planta del pie para elevar el juego al estatus del MVP.Este modelo, la nueva versión del exclusivo calzado de básquetbol del rey, ofrece ligereza, flexibilidad y sujeción a los pies en crecimiento.

  • Color que se muestra: Blanco/Negro/Rojo universitario
  • Estilo: DD0418-101

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Evaluaciones (20)

4.5 Estrellas

  • Kimmy - 12 de abr. de 2022

    The first impression of this shoe was that the color was a bit too bright for me. I would usually go for a more subtle black or grey to make it easier to pair outfits with. Once they were on, I felt like I could have gone up a half size because I do have wide feet. The sock that it has inside folded as I would put my shoe on every time, having to adjust it multiple times. The shoe feels durable, but I am worried about the lifespan because it looks like it’s made out of plastic. While playing a game on the court, the grip of the shoes really held its ground. The grip traction when you go forward and back is great, but it can be too strong when you try to move left to right. It caused me to have to lift my feet up a bit more than usual. After a long 4 hours of playing, my feet did not feel as tired as my body was. They felt comfortable and lightweight to wear all day because of the cushion near the heel, given that they were a bit snugged for me. The only thing I would change about this product is the breathability. My feet sweat more than the average and once these shoes were removed at the end of the day, my sock felt moist. I think the plastic of the shoe can have a downfall, making it harder for moisture to vaporize. Overall, the design of the shoe was appealing to look at. I like the air bubbles on the tongue so that the shoelaces stay in place when running around. Also, the air bubbles on the side made my ankles feel protected.

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  • Lebron 19’s

    Jessie - 12 de abr. de 2022

    I recently got the Lebron 19’s in a big kid’s size 6 and I was pleasantly surprised about how comfortable they are. The design of the sole along with the air bubble add to the looks but also are what provides the comfort. They are comfortable to walk in and although I haven’t yet played ball in them, I can only guess they will be great for that too. The shoes have a design under a material “overlay” that varies per shoe creating a unique appearance and there are also a few other air bubbles (sides and tongue of shoe) that make the shoes more unique. There are two things I would potentially change with the 19’s if it were up to me. First, the sides of the shoes come up really high and in a triangular shape, for me, this was not very visually appealing. I, personally, would make this a little shorter and possibly adjust the shape some, however, I bet many people would say this is a major feature of the shoe that makes them stand out. Second, looking down at the shoes on my feet make the shoes appear very wide likely because the sole sticks out on the sides. However, this isn’t a deal breaker for me. Overall, the design of the Lebron 19’s are unique and interesting and the comfort is even better.

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  • Great shoe with great comfort!

    Jules - 12 de abr. de 2022

    When I saw that this shoe was in conjunction with the release of the movie, I was a bit weary, but that has changed completely! Just becuase this is a Space Jam release, they made sure to not forget that this is a shoe needed for comfortability and durability. Fit was great, a little loose around the ankles, but after re-lacing them and some adjustment was able to find a good fit. Narrowness is always a concern, as my son has bigger feet, but these honestly wore great around his foot overall. He was able to play with them for quite some time, on and off the court, with no complaints of his feet hurting to them being too tight. The grip on these is amazing as well! Love that the grip on the bottom has a cool unique pattern as well. All and all, the details on this show are unmatched. The one thing I did notice though is that the uniqueness of the shape took some time for my son to get used to, he kept telling me there was a piece of his shoe missing but after wearing them for an hour or so he totally forgot about it. All in all, if you are looking for a stylish shoe that does not only just look great, but offers great support and durability look no more!

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