Nike's Best Breathable Shoes for Sweaty Feet

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Avoid damp, sweaty feet with airy, breathable shoes from Nike.

Last updated: 22 June 2022
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Nike's Best Breathable Shoes for Sweaty Feet

Sweating is the body's way of regulating body temperature. And, as such, it is normal to experience foot sweat during exercise or on warm days. However, excessive foot sweat can feel uncomfortable and even jeopardise foot health. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), constant wetness on the feet can break down the skin and encourage the growth of certain infections. Plus, foot odour is associated with chronic sweaty feet.

If sweaty feet are causing discomfort, anxiety or infection, it's best to consult a podiatrist. But, according to the APMA, there are also several at-home measures to support good foot hygiene, including wearing shoes made from breathable materials. Read on for the best breathable shoes for men and women by Nike.

Breathable Shoes for Sweaty Feet from Nike

For the Most Airflow: Nike Sandals and Slides

Open-toed shoes and sandals provide the most breathability for your feet and Nike offers a wide selection of sandals and slides for everyday wear. The iconic Nike Benassi slide is light and sporty, and the one-piece, synthetic leather strap is lined with super-soft, towel-like fabric that's breathable. If you want a more locked-in feel, Nike offers styles with adjustable ankle straps, too, like the Nike Vista and the Nike Oneonta.

For Running: Nike Flyknit Running Shoes

Any of Nike's high-performance running shoes made from Nike Flyknit materials provide breathability for your feet. Nike Flyknit is a fabric that's engineered to fit like a sock and it uses high-strength fibres to create lightweight uppers with targeted areas of support, stretch and ventilation. You can find everyday running shoes or speedy racing shoes made from Nike Flyknit uppers for training and race day.

Nike's Best Breathable Shoes for Sweaty Feet

Nike's Flyknit shoe uppers help create optimal breathability, flexibility and containment. The result is a cool feel that helps your foot feel secure, while letting it move without restriction.

For a Sporty and Sustainable Style: Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit

Nike Flyknit styles of the Nike Air VaporMax shoe have a stretchy upper made from recycled yarn that feels light and airy while providing support and comfort. The visible, one-piece air unit running the length of the shoe is also made from recycled material and offers more Air underfoot than ever. These shoes are available in a variety of neutral colours as well as sizing for men, women and kids.

Nike's Best Breathable Shoes for Sweaty Feet

The stretchy and supportive Flyknit upper on the Nike Air VaporMax is made from recycled yarn. It's seamless, breathable and lightweight.

For Casual, Everyday Wear: Nike Air Max 270

The Nike Air Max 270 sneakers have an ultra-breathable mesh upper constructed with woven and synthetic fabrics that allow for airflow to the feet. They're designed to feel lightweight and airy, while the rubber sole provides durability and the foam midsole provides cushioned comfort.

For Hiking or Trail Running: Nike Pegasus Trail

The Nike Pegasus Trail shoes are designed to be light and tough at the same time. Runner-informed data was used to create and place engineered mesh throughout the upper for a sturdy, lightweight and breathable feel. And the lightweight construction doesn't sacrifice stability—the rubber outsole on the shoe has a traction pattern that gives your foot grip in key areas, helping you stay stable on rocky trails, while maintaining a smooth ride on the road.

For a Gym Workout: Nike Metcon

For a sweat session at the gym, Nike Metcon trainers are durable and stable shoes to support a hard workout and keep your feet cool. The newer Nike Free Metcon styles are especially breathable, with updated chain-link mesh that's airy and tough. The shoes offer a wide heel to stabilise your feet while weightlifting and internal webbing for a locked-in feel and flexibility in the forefoot to support agility moves.

5 Tips for Keeping Feet Cool and Dry

These five APMA-approved tips help promote better foot hygiene and mitigate foot odour and sweat.

  1. Wear Moisture-Wicking Socks: cotton socks absorb moisture and can cause blisters. To mitigate excess sweat, opt for socks made from fabrics that draw moisture away from your feet. Nike Dri-FIT socks are made from sweat-wicking materials that disperse sweat over their surface to evaporate moisture faster, helping keep the skin dry.
  2. Change Your Socks Regularly: if you consistently experience foot sweat and odour, it may be helpful to keep an extra pair of socks with you and change them halfway through the day.
  3. Wash Your Feet Daily: wash your feet with an antibacterial soap, thoroughly cleaning the areas between the toes. Allow your feet to completely dry before putting on socks, shoes or a powder treatment.
  4. Apply a Powder: foot powder or cornflour can help control moisture as you sweat. Apply to dry feet before putting on socks.
  5. Visit a Podiatrist: if your feet sweat excessively even after following proper foot-hygiene measures, consult a podiatrist for expert advice and treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Footwear Materials Are Best for Sweaty Feet?

For the most breathable footwear materials, look for lightweight, mesh uppers that provide airflow and synthetic materials that are designed to be moisture-wicking. Regardless of the shoe materials, wear a pair of moisture-wicking socks to help keep your feet cool and dry.

Words by Lindsay Frankel

Originally published: 22 June 2022

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