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4 Surprising Ways Your Body Changes During Pregnancy

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4 Mind-Blowing Things Your Body Accomplishes During Pregnancy

Let's just say it does some wild things to keep you and your baby healthy. Read this whenever you need a reminder that You. Are. Amazing.

How to Break Bad Habits for Good


Break That Bad Habit—For Good This Time

Finally, the plan your overstuffed stomach, chewed nails and/or stiff-as-a-board body have been waiting for, so you can get on with your good intentions.

It’s Safe to Exercise While Breastfeeding—Just Follow These Tips From Experts

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How to Be a Breastfeeding, Exercising Powerhouse

Heavy, leaky and/or uncomfortable boobs don't exactly make post-partum workouts easier. This primer from experts can help.

Working Out After Having a Baby? Here’s What Experts Want You to Know

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A Refreshing New Way to Think About Your Post-Partum Goals

No punishments, no guilt, no comparisons—just things that will make you feel good from the inside out.

What to Do If You Can't Feel Your Pelvic Floor Muscles Postpartum, According to Experts

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Your Pelvic Floor Is Still There—Here's How to Find It

Down-there muscles ghosted you after childbirth? This DIY guide can help you reconnect so you can recover—and get back to training—more comfortably.

Back Pain During Pregnancy? You Might Want to Fix Your Posture

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What to Do About Your Not-So-Great Pregnancy Posture

Your belly looks really cute, but is it throwing off your stance? Find out—so you can feel at least a little more comfortable on the daily.

How to Manage Pregnancy Aches and Pains With Movement, According to Experts

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How to Deal When Pregnancy Aches Slow You Down

Some discomfort as you grow a human inside of you is normal, but you shouldn't have to suffer. Here's what's happening—and how movement can help.