'Fresh Paint'

    ZION 3

    An ode to the iconic AJ4 'Cement', 'Fresh Paint' hits the legendary look with a unique haptic print treatment, combining a classic colourway with the Zion 3's exclusive court-ready tech.



    An ode to the organizations and communities that connect international
    hoopers, this colorway’s captivating exterior conceals an insole adorned
    with vibrant hues inspired by the FIBA logo.


    Luka 2


    Slovenia—Luka’s home country—is the first nation to be declared a “Green Destination of the World” in its entirety. Celebrate its status with this special-edition Luka 2. The colorway is inspired by picturesque Lake Bled, a famed example of Slovenia’s natural beauty. And the shoe’s mindful construction (each pair is made with at least 20% recycled material) honors the country’s ongoing dedication to sustainability.