The Easiest Way to Fold a Hoodie

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Plus, reduce the number of wrinkles while saving space in your drawer.

Last updated: 9 June 2022
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How to Fold a Hoodie Correctly

Hooded sweatshirts, jumpers and other versions offer a practical way to keep warm (and inject a dose of style, too). But let's be honest—hoodies can take up a lot of room in your dresser drawer, especially if they're not properly folded.

Learning how to fold a hoodie not only clears space in your wardrobe or chest of drawers, but it can also help keep unnecessary wrinkles at bay. Believe it or not, part of the simple care routine for a hoodie involves storing it correctly, though the way you wash it takes precedent.

For example, did you know one of the best ways to preserve the soft and plush texture of your favourite hoodie is to turn it inside out before throwing it in the washing machine? Following easy steps (like this one) not only helps to lengthen the life of your hoodie but can also make it feel and look "like new" too.

Now, here's our step-by-step guide to folding a hoodie to create space for your other favourite staples.

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  1. Before you start folding, figure out whether any wrinkles need to be removed by ironing or steaming the hoodie.
  2. Choose a folding surface that's hard and flat. This will make the process fast, simple and effective.
  3. Place the hoodie on the folding surface with the front pressed against the surface and the back facing you. Then, smooth out the fabric.
  4. Cross one arm of the hoodie towards the middle of the back. Do the same with the other arm. At this point, the hoodie should have a rectangular shape.
  5. Grab the bottom half of the hoodie and fold it neatly over the top half.
  6. Fold one outer edge of the hoodie towards the centre, and repeat that step with the other outer edge.
  7. Fold the body of the hoodie so it goes halfway towards the top of the hoodie, then do another fold over the hood.
  8. Open the hood and stretch it over the folded rectangle until the whole hoodie rests inside the hood. Finally, slip the rest of the hoodie's body over the hood so it retains its folded shape while stored.

Pro Tip: as you're folding the hoodie, be sure to make the folds as sharp as possible. Also, remember to flatten each section of the hoodie as you go to prevent creases.

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