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Nike Ultrafly

Sabatilles de trail running de competició - Dona

249,99 €

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Demostra el teu esperit muntanyenc als camins rocallosos i complicats. Aquestes sabatilles de trail running de competició presenten un disseny innovador que combina els millors components per a la velocitat del món del running per arribar el primer a la línia de meta. Ofereixen rendiment, velocitat amb elegància i resistència als corredors que volen conquerir el gran pati de la natura.

  • Color mostrat: Summit White/Vapor Green/Laser Orange/Negre
  • Model: DZ0489-102

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Ressenyes (29)

4.8 Estrelles

  • minling64216d65774e48ffba79cc62d742d48e - 28 de febr. de 2024

    This is the first time I bought Nick's shoes! And I bought it online! Because there is no physical try-on, I'm worried that it doesn't fit my feet! What I didn't expect was that the size was very standard! The physical object matches the picture! It's very comfortable and light to wear! Suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. I will continue to buy this type of shoes in the future! Save time! Express delivery is fast. Highly recommende

  • 100% yes

    jessicaf62319884 - 27 de gen. de 2024

    Wow. These are awesome. I ran my last half marathon in the Pegasus trail, and I was less than impressed. I went to the Wildhorse but felt those needed more cushioning. When I started doing road races in the vaporfly, I was really hoping that Nike would do some sort of vaporfly hybrid shoe for trails and I feel like this is it! I took it right out of the box on a 7 mile adventure, with about 2k feet of vert in the first 2 miles and then a downhill 3 mile run on a fire road, before hitting 2 miles on pavement.They performed superb. They are ultralite (6.5oz in my size) and have a super wide toebox, which is unlike most Nike products. This means that you’re not gonna get any pressure on your toenails and they’re not hitting up against the front of the shoe. They’re super breathable and the carbon fiber plate definitely gives you a little propel forward. I’m so excited that Nike finally got a contract with Vibram because the soles are incredibly grippy. I don’t know how this shoe would do on super technical terrain, considering it is a race shoe, so it’s meant to be fast and agile. But I don’t know if it would protect you from kicking a rock or hitting a rock with anything near your ankle. You’re definitely gonna feel that. I’m all in for taking this on my next race and super excited to see how I perform in this shoe. I love that there’s no break in time with Nike ever and I’m really happy to see that they have stepped it up with their trail running shoes. We needed this!

  • Bonne paire de trail hormis la couleur.

    Linda832791525 - 31 de des. de 2023

    Très bonne chaussure de trail accroche très bien en pente, après forcément quand la boue est profonde on ne peu pas faire de miracle non plus. Elles sont censé être à double usage trail/running cependant beaucoup plus adapter pour le trail car sur du bitume on sent cette accroche et c'est pas forcément agréable. J'ai retirer 1 étoile car pour faire des chaussure de TRAIl pour SEUL modèle le BLANC faut vraiment se foutre de nous ! Sinon très bonne paire pour le trail.