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Materials sostenibles

Jordan Sport

Sostenidors esportius Jumpman de subjecció mitjana amb coixinet - Dona

42,99 €

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Necessites equipament que no posi límits al teu potencial. Els coixinets cosits d'aquests sostenidors esportius es mantenen a lloc sense canviar de forma perquè puguis donar-ho tot sense pensar en la roba que portes posada. La subjecció mitjana ofereix un ajust cenyit que manté la peça a lloc durant els entrenaments de training i les classes de dansa. El material adaptable i elàstic recupera la seva forma, mentre que la tecnologia que capil·laritza la suor manté la frescor durant tot l'entrenament.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Blanc
  • Model: FB6872-010

Talles i ajustos

  • La persona de la fotografia porta una talla S
  • Alçada: 170 cm
  • Mida del pit: 86 cm
  • Ajust cenyit: adaptat a la forma del cos
  • Subjecció mitjana: ofereix un ajust cenyit per mantenir la fermesa

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  • A més de reduir els residus, el polièster reciclat redueix les emissions de carboni fins al 30 % en comparació amb el polièster verge. Nike recupera anualment una mitjana de mil milions d’ampolles de plàstic dels abocadors i vies fluvials.
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Ressenyes (29)

4.4 Estrelles

  • Finally a great sports bra

    Mh10677 - 18 d’oct. de 2023

    Sports bras with built in padding, that’s not too thin or thick should be the Standard! This sports bra is flattering, the perfect support and comfortable enough to be worn all day. I personally, prefer a bra that isn’t adjustable so it can’t stretch out, and having the cups unable to move/ have to be adjusted after every wash, where they just get worn down is so ideal. Absolutely rave about this to my friends, and need to purchase a couple more!

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  • Stylish, Comfortable, and Very durable!

    Tea - 10 d’oct. de 2023

    I recently had the opportunity to try out the W J SPT JUMPMAN BRA, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by its overall performance. From the fit and feel to the design and fabric, there were several aspects that impressed me. The fit was fantastic. The bra provided excellent support and held everything in place, making it great for high-impact activities. The straps and support provided maximum comfort during workouts. The soft and smooth material felt great against my skin, preventing any irritation or discomfort, even during intense exercise sessions. The design is very stylish and eye-catching. The sleek and minimalistic aesthetic combined with the iconic Jumpman logo gave it a sporty and fashionable appeal. The bra's racerback design not only added a trendy touch but also provided extra support to my shoulders, allowing for unrestricted movement. The choice of fabric for this sports bra was exceptional. The blend of high-quality materials offered excellent breathability, keeping me cool and dry throughout my workout. The fabric also had excellent moisture-wicking properties, effectively drawing sweat away from my body. I appreciated the quick-drying nature of the fabric, which made it perfect for both intense workouts and casual wear. What stood out to me the most was its ability to balance between style and functionality. It not only looked great but also provided the necessary support and comfort needed during physical activities. The combination of a flattering fit, trendy design, and high-performance fabric made it an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts who value both fashion and functionality. While I had an overall positive experience with there is one area that could be improved. By adding padding were to the bra it could be slightly thicker to provide additional coverage and shape. Overall, the W J SPT JUMPMAN BRA is a stylish and comfortable sports bra that impressed me with its fit, design, and fabric. Its supportive features, trendy design, and high-performance materials make it a reliable choice for any fitness routine. With a minor improvement in padding thickness, this bra could easily earn a perfect 5-star rating.

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  • Would recommend

    Gabby - 08 d’oct. de 2023

    This women's Jumpman Sports bra is an amazing fit. As a plus size woman the sweat-wicking material definitely comes in handy when working out. I am very pleased with how it fits and the design. I love the details of the Nike sign on the sewn-in padding. I love that the padding is sew-in because it stays in place so I don't have to keep adjusting it as I'm working out. I really like the stretchability and flexibility of the fabric as well. This bra also forms to your body for a great and comfortable fit. I also like the coverage of this bra and the fact that it covers sides as well. The only thing that can make this bra better is adjustable straps. Overall, this is a great bra and I would recommend it.

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