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Materials sostenibles

Nike Brasilia 9.5

Motxilla d'entrenament (mitjana, 24 l)

42,99 €

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Geode Teal/Negre/Sundial

Porta tot l'equipament amb la motxilla Nike Brasilia. El disseny incorpora moltes butxaques perquè organitzis les teves coses, com ara una funda per ficar-hi el portàtil, butxaques laterals de malla per a les ampolles d'aigua i una butxaca amb cremallera a l'interior per desar-hi els objectes petits de manera segura. Aquest producte està confeccionat amb fibres de polièster reciclades, almenys, en un 50 %.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Negre/Blanc
  • Model: DH7709-010

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  • El polièster reciclat que inclouen els productes Nike s'extreu a partir d'ampolles de plàstic reciclades, que es netegen, es trituren en flocs i es converteixen en boletes. Aquestes boletes es converteixen en noves fibres d'alta qualitat, que s'utilitzen als nostres productes per oferir un alt rendiment amb menys impacte contra el medi ambient.
  • A més de reduir els residus, el polièster reciclat redueix les emissions de carboni fins al 30 % en comparació amb el polièster verge. Nike recupera anualment una mitjana de mil milions d’ampolles de plàstic dels abocadors i vies fluvials.
  • Obtén més informació sobre el nostre programa Move to Zero per avançar en el camí de la neutralitat de carboni i l'eliminació dels residus. Entre d'altres coses, estem treballant per dissenyar productes amb materials sostenibles amb l'objectiu de protegir el futur de l'entorn on vivim i juguem.

Ressenyes (37)

4.8 Estrelles

  • A bag I didn’t know I needed

    Chelle_k - 18 de nov. de 2023

    The first thing that drew me to this bag was that it’s pink. I find it hard to find bags in that colour that aren’t aimed at children or small. I have just started the gym and thought it’d be perfect for that. I did I initially think it was very big compared to my usual backpack but now I love that about it. It has 5 separate compartments in total. Which is great and helps keep me organised so I’m not rooting round trying to dig out my keys and phone. Two deeps compartments and then a half size at the front. Going to the gym I have lots of things I don’t want to mix. Such as clean trainers, my used towel and kit and a spare pair of clothes. It’s great that I can separate these. The side mesh pocket is great for a decent size water bottle and the other side pocket has a zip so is great for carrying my earphones or keys. The bag is really light for it’s size which I’m glad of as I’m already packing a fair bit of weight into it. I’ve had so many compliments on my bag as well and haven’t seen one like it yet which I love as it’s different and stands out

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  • Great bag

    Josiejumps - 07 de nov. de 2023

    This bag is so good! There’s so many secret hidden pockets! The fit on your back is perfect, init doesn’t dig anywhere and the back pad is so comfy! The material is a smooth almost water resistant one. The design is amazing, there are 2 large compartments and then a smaller one at the front, it’s perfect as a kit bag, I use mine for my netball team. The compartments are a great size and can fit lots in. The fabric is a good material, smooth and slick. The best bit are the pockets and the room of the bag! It’s also so light which is just perfect for a bag. If I could improve anything it would be the size of the front pocket- just extend it down but it still fits a phone and wallet so really it doesn’t matter. It’s a great bag would recommend highly.

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  • Versatile and Durable Bag for Any Adventure

    Roch - 07 de nov. de 2023

    This is a great bag. It can be used for so many things. I used it for a weekend away and was amazed at how much stuff I could fit in there. It has so many useful compartments, each with adequate space. I packed quite a bit into the bag, and it was still comfortable to carry around. The straps are really well padded. The material has a slight scratchy noise if you touch it, but it’s made of really durable material, and you can easily wipe any marks off it. I really love the design of the bag. There are so many compartments, and the side pockets are big enough for a reasonably sized water bottle. The only thing I would change, if I were being really critical, is the material because it gives me a shudder every time my nails scrape it. But overall, it's a really well-made bag that I will definitely be using on future trips and outings.

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