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Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4

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Aviator Grey/Pure Platinum/Negre/Platejat metal·litzat

Aborda els entrenaments més intensos amb les Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4. La base ampla i plana amb amortiment Max Air et proporciona l'estabilitat còmoda necessària per aixecar peses. El taló s'ha redissenyat amb un coixinet de subjecció que ajuda a treure càrrega en les repeticions més dures. Tot això es combina en una sabatilla duradora creada per completar qualsevol exercici al gimnàs.

  • Color mostrat: Aviator Grey/Pure Platinum/Negre/Platejat metal·litzat
  • Model: CW3396-010

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Ressenyes (57)

4.4 Estrelles

  • Worst Nike's I've Ever Owned

    96f3144b-078c-47a8-8e24-ce3309120a11 - 14 de juny de 2022

    Full disclosure. I'm a big Nike fan. Have been for years and still am. These shoes look awesome which is why I purchased two pairs in different colors. There is something flawed with the traction of these shoes. Was very noticeable up front in one pair whenever walking on wood floors or concrete. Think annoying clicking noises. I thought it was just me until my wife begged me to stop wearing them! Now the second pair is doing the same thing. It's so bad I've literally tried to clip pieces of the traction off and for the life of me haven't been able to find what is causing it. One of the pairs the bottom tread layer is already starting to pull apart from the main body of the shoe after less than a year. Be warned!

  • Bought for everyday use.

    RossP16742825 - 03 de febr. de 2022

    As per my title. I got these for everyday use not just for the gym; and they're great! Very comfortable and durable. Surprisingly so. I'd presumed as they're designed for indoor use, they'd suffer on the streets (and on trails). But nope! They're holding up well. The soles look good too, not wearing down as fast as I thought. I would definitely recommend for inside and out. NB. They don't like the rain, your feet will get wet. But that's not the fault of the shoe.

  • Great Performance Shoe

    JeDeWe - 30 de gen. de 2022

    Simply put, I really like these shoes. My favorite part about them is it feels like there is extra space up at the toes which makes your overall exercise experience better since your toes don't feel cramped or rubbing at the sides. Comparing them to my other athletic shoes, they are more lightweight, they breathe really well and the arch support is also pretty good. The biggest negative is they have less cushion inside the shoe than I am used to. They're still comfortable with running and it probably helps with making it more lightweight, but that is the only negative I could come up with. Also, I love the collar at the base of the ankle to help prevent rubbing. Overall, this is a very good solid shoe and I would definitely purchase again!

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