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Nike Air Max 270

Sabatilles - Dona

159,99 €

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Rosa suau clar/Pink Oxford/Desert Berry/Negre

Les primeres Air Max per al dia a dia de Nike t'ofereixen estil, comoditat i més actitud amb les Nike Air Max 270. El disseny s'inspira en les Air Max icòniques i presenta la millor innovació de Nike amb una cambra molt ampla i una gran varietat de combinacions de colors.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Blanc/Anthracite
  • Model: AH6789-001

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4.2 Estrelles

  • The fused tongue is a problem

    50674841-2419-44cc-8778-2e148defa876 - 15 de set. de 2022

    Long time fan of Nikes and member. I gave my daughter her new airmax 270’s (along with the other pair she needed for back to school) and told her to try them on. She told me yes, she loved and yeah! Cut to 2 weeks into school and we have tears every am from frustration cuz she can’t get them on. Idk if we are doing it wrong, or if there is a way to realest the tongue/ stretch it out but this am was so bad I told her I was throwing them away (I was very frustrated! 😂 obviously) it’s taking her over 5 mins to put these on and it’s just not worth it. Any help would be appreciated! Ps I am not someone that can afford to just replace a brand new pair of sneakers.

  • Feels tight

    KarenC132699998 - 13 de set. de 2022

    I like how it look but you definitely need to size up. It's tight on the toes if you get your usual size so I definitely recommend sizing up a bit maybe half for the right fit.

  • Looks amazing, SIZE UP!!!!

    7dce676f-7236-4a50-91f3-ee4c531ee31d - 07 de set. de 2022

    They’re cute shoes and the soles are super comfortable, however they run a size/ a size & a 1/2 small. My husband bought me a pair for my birthday and they’re extremely uncomfortable in the toe area, 2 of my coworkers said the same thing.