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Nike ACG Karst

Motxilla (29 l)

119,99 €

Equipa't per a la pròxima aventura amb la motxilla Nike ACG Karst. El disseny resistent inclou molt d'espai per a l'equipament d'exterior. La motxilla incorpora detalls robustos, com ara un clip de travetes i una corretja per al cos personalitzable.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Dark Smoke Grey/Ironstone
  • Model: CK7510-013

Ressenyes (5)

3.6 Estrelles

  • Room For Improvement

    d4purcell - 25 de jul. de 2021

    I've had the bag for less than a month and with average use, the strap hoops are stretched out already. Straps are not secure. Also, the outside pockets are not large enough to hold water bottles. Both issues make this bag unusable for me.

  • Love it

    B R. - 12 de jul. de 2021


  • Fashion imitation of a serious bag

    AlexT156460213 - 04 de maig de 2021

    Lots of bells and whistles, but ultimately this thing is cheaply made and has already started falling apart with casual use. A shame as on paper it's great. I'd happily pay double RRP for the same thing again but made properly.