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The Nike Run Club gives you the guidance, inspiration and innovation you need to become a better athlete. Join us to reach your goals and have fun along the way.

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Come Run With Us

Guided Runs give you a voice inside your head that believes you can do it, then shows you how. Bring focus to your mind and body with Guided Runs with Headspace, now available in the NRC app.

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A Hot Run

A comfortable and relaxed 35 minute run with 1 minute of post run cool down and guidance.

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10K Head Starts

An easy and motivational 10K run. That’s just over 6.2miles. This is a distance-based audio guided run.

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Trail Run WithSally

Get ready to hit the trails with Nike Trail Team member and Nike Running Coach Sally McRae.

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Track Your Progress

Get all the detail you need—pace, location, distance, elevation, heart rate and mile splits—and greater control over what you see during your run.

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Show Your Colors

Let others see your lifetime mileage with a color-coded in-run display.

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Tag Your Shoes

Keep track of how many miles you’ve run in every pair of running shoes you own—even the ones from other brands.

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Get Personalized Coaching

Whatever your goal, your Nike Coach has a plan for you. One that starts with your goals and fitness level, and adapts as you progress.

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Set New Goals

Give yourself a goal to aim for with our Challenges and Achievements. Whether it’s 15km in a week, 100km a month, or a challenge of your own creation—set a target and get it with support from friends and the running community along the way. Available in September.

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Share Your Run

Personalize your posts by adding photos, stats and stickers, then customize who sees it—your entire social network, or just your Nike friends.

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