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EQUALITY Kevin-Prince Boateng

Until We All Win

When I was young I was exposed to many events where I was racially abused. It made me feel bad, but I didn't know how to handle it. As a result, I decided to ignore it and avoided speaking about it.
EQUALITY Kevin-Prince Boateng

I Was Quiet, Not Blind

Even though I was quiet, I wasn't blind. Racism is wrong, everyone should be treated equal and at some point, I decided to make my voice heard. I was proud to see that so many people cared, and still do, about the same values as I do.
EQUALITY Kevin-Prince Boateng

The Power of Sport

Sport gave me the power and platform to speak up and reach people all around the world. I believe my actions inspired others to follow my example.
EQUALITY Kevin-Prince Boateng

Here's to the Future

You can be sure I will never stop fighting for equality, fairness and respect, in sport and in our lives. Equality should have no boundaries and our children shouldn't live through the same struggles.