The Best Women's Puffer Coats by Nike

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Bundle up in one of these multifunctional jackets to enjoy cold-weather activities.

Last updated: 18 January 2023
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The Best Women's Puffer Coats by Nike

Puffer coats are a must for days when temperatures are trying to put a freeze on your plans.

Nike puffer coats are insulating and plush but they won't get in the way of your stride. These coats are equipped to handle a breadth of weather conditions. And, with a variety of designs available, there are plenty of options for all kinds of activities. Whether you're going for a hike or simply scurrying from your car to your house, check out the best women's puffer coats by Nike.

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Best Down-fill Puffer Coats

From boxy silhouettes and roomy fits to lightweight and tailored looks, Nike women's down-fill puffer coats offer warmth without added weight.

Down insulation meets Nike Therma-FIT Technology—two key features that hold body heat close to your core. Not to mention, they're windproof and waterproof. Specific designs in this collection are thin enough to be worn under thick jackets if you think you'll need to shed a layer.

Some other notable features include interior elastic hems, thermal fleece-lined zip pockets (to warm hands and store small items) and thumbholes to extend coverage.

Best Synthetic-fill Puffer Coats

Several women's puffer coats by Nike feature PrimaLoft ThermoPlume—a water-resistant, synthetic-fill insulation that mimics the warmth, compressibility and loft of down insulation.

These jackets are armed with Therma-FIT Technology and offer a sleek fit while protecting against the elements. Level up the cosy factor with high-pile fleece fabric options that are extra soft and provide warmth but don't weigh you down. And, the jackets are made with a focus on sustainability—each puffer is made from at least 50 percent recycled polyester fibres. Additional features include easy-access pockets and adjustable hoods.

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Best Puffer Parkas

These puffy-style parkas are packed with either synthetic fill or down insulation to offer warmth from hood to hem. Notice that some parkas are equipped with Nike Storm-FIT ADV waterproof technology, which employs ultra-fine microfibre polyester and highly breathable laminate to guard against wind, rain and snow—all while helping to preserve body heat. Smooth linings make these coats cosy without restricting movement too much.

And, whether you're looking for a roomy fit or a more tailored look, there's something for everyone. Two-way zips, fleece-lined pockets and interior elastic at the hem are just a few added bonuses.

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Best Puffer Coats for Snow and Rain

Protect yourself against the elements with these women's puffer coats armed with Nike Therma-FIT Repel weather-resistant fabric and insulation. With multifunctional features like adjustable drawstrings, fleece cuffs, zip pockets and elastic bands at the hem, these coats and jackets are go-to wet (and cold) weather staples.

Words by Faith Brar

Originally published: 13 January 2023

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