Jordan Brand launches Tatum 1 signature shoe

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Find out everything you need to know about the launch of Jayson Tatum's first Jordan Brand signature shoe.

Last updated: 14 September 2023
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Jordan Brand Launches Tatum 1 Signature Shoe

Original content published: 19 February, 2023

What to know:

  • The Tatum 1, Jayson Tatum's first signature shoe, is the lightest performance basketball shoe by Jordan Brand this season—with a men's size 8 weighing less than 340 grams.
  • The shoe features a lightweight frame wrapped in foam and a forefoot Zoom Air unit, providing comfort and responsiveness without sacrificing court feel.
  • The Tatum 1 kids' design boasts a collapsible heel system to slip them on and off hands-free.

After signing the NBA star in 2019, Jordan Brand is partnering with Jayson Tatum to release his first signature shoe, the Tatum 1. With a lightweight design and responsive foam and Zoom Air cushioning, the Tatum 1 is a well-rounded basketball shoe, whatever the position.

"I want people to feel like they can connect to me", Tatum said. "I remember being a kid, walking into the store and looking for the signature shoes of my favourite players. The moment I saw the shoe or put the shoe on, I felt like I was in sync and closer to them in a way. So, I want this shoe to be a bridge between my fans and me, to bring us closer together".

The Jordan Tatum 1 sneaker was born out of Tatum's desire to wear a shoe that feels closely connected to his foot. Built with a lightweight yet strong plastic frame, the shoe is wrapped with foam and features strategically placed rubber for traction on the court.

Jordan Brand Launches Tatum 1 Signature Shoe

To reduce weight, the footwear designers cut back on rubber as much as possible, using it only in key areas, like under the toe and ball of the foot. This detail supports Tatum's predominantly forefoot game, allowing for grip on the court during big drives.

Also in the forefoot of the sneaker, a large Zoom Air bag helps provide cushion and responsiveness, without sacrificing court feel—meaning players still feel close enough to the ground to jump, cut and pivot with precision. The mesh knit upper is breathable and lightweight, and the collar is padded for ankle support.

Jordan Brand Launches Tatum 1 Signature Shoe

For young basketball players, Tatum wanted a shoe that was easy to put on and take off. In partnership with the Jordan Brand design team, Tatum helped influence a kid-specific design for his signature shoe that uses an innovative, hands-free system to help with easy entry. For kids eager to take on more independence, instructions are conveniently on the heel. Where it says "STEP", kids can simply step into the shoe, slide their feet all the way in and be ready to play.

Available on 7 April 2023, the Tatum 1 is in full family sizing, meaning you and your whole squad can don a pair of Tatum 1s for a casual friendly game, whenever the mood strikes. The shoe is also released in tandem with an apparel collection inspired by the Zoo and Barbershop colourways of the Tatum 1. Wardrobe staples in the collection include hoodies and tees for men, women and kids.

Frequently asked questions

Does the Tatum 1 run true to size?

Yes, the Tatum 1 runs true to size. For more information on shoe sizing, consult Nike size charts for men's, women's or kids' footwear.

(Related: How to measure your foot to find the right shoe size)

What's the price of the Jordan Tatum 1?

The retail price for the Tatum 1 is $120 for the adult shoe, $90 for the older kids' shoe and $75 for the younger kids' shoe.

What is the Jordan Tatum 1 release date?

The Tatum 1 is released on 7 April 2023 in full family sizing.

Originally published: 19 February 2023

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