Kyrie 4

Kyrie 4

Find Your Groove

A new Flex Groove delivers excellent flexibility and traction to help you find your groove.

Kyrie 4

Flexible Traction

The Flex Groove outsole has a zigzag cutout along the bottom for excellent flexibility and traction.

Responsive Cushioning

Lightweight foam with Nike Zoom Air in the heel provides soft comfort and a responsive feel.

Breathable Support

Mesh helps your feet stay cool, and Flywire cables offer support when you cut hard.

Behind the Design

Kyrie 4

Together with Nike Basketball Design Director Leo Chang, Nike designer Ben Nethongkome built a shoe that could harness the power of Kyrie's lightning-fast footwork on the court, and speak to his unique style off the court.

Groundbreaking Design

"Kyrie is all over the court, cutting and turning." Ben says. How to keep him stable was the question that drove the design process. The team tried a new approach — splitting the sole down the middle so the shoe could deliver support at every angle. "Now, Kyrie's able to keep his foot at a 45-degree angle when he cuts and explodes into his next move.

Quick Around the Corner

For Kyrie, quick movements are a source of power — and ultimately points. With speed in mind, Ben and his team created an outsole that would mimic the way a tire supports a turning car. "We want him to be quick around the corner," he says. "The new curvature allows him to operate efficiently when he's on a lean." By rounding out the shape of the outsole, his momentum doesn't get stopped short by sharp angles. Instead, that energy is transferred into his next move, and none of the power is wasted.