Last updated: 4 November 2020

    The ABCs of ACG

    We have a process. Before we create something, we seek inspiration. Follow along with these guiding principles of All Conditions Gear. You just might learn something and learning is cool.

    A – Designed, Tested and Made on Planet Earth. For Outdoor Use.

    ACG stands for All Conditions Gear. Our motto is "Designed, tested and made on Planet Earth. For outdoor use." Everything we do has one eye to the wild and one eye on you, whether you've never hiked a step in your life or you're a seasoned wilderness guide.

    B – Location-Based Storytelling

    Each season, we decamp to a different locale and take in the environment. Jungles, deserts, volcanoes, tundras: there's no place we won't go to find inspiration.

    C – Designing with Earth as Muse

    Our stuff is made on Planet Earth, so when we're out there, we keep our eyes peeled for conditions that could inform our designs. Trekking over rocky terrain necessitates traction. Sticky jungle humidity becomes breathable mesh. Black-sand beaches inspire shoes that let you soak it all in.

    D – Product Testing

    How do we come up with gear that matches ACG standards? Before you wear it, we test it. All over the planet, in all conditions. Our logo is our seal of approval.

    E – Sustainability

    When we make our stuff, we keep an eye out for Mother Nature. We're constantly looking for ways to be more sustainable. We've only got one Earth, so let's revolve around it.

    F – For Outdoor Use

    The ACG philosophy works in harmony with nature. Earth is not something to conquer or tame, but a place to have fun. The only thing left to do is to get out there. We're Still on Earth. Let's go.

    Originally published: 5 November 2020