FM Broadcast Presents: We Are Born Ready


For as long as you can remember, you've had dreams—big and small. Sure, you may have doubts, but you are #BornReady to take the world by storm and rewrite the rules of the game.

Last updated: 8 March 2022
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The Conversation

As we dive into Season 2 of the FM Broadcast, we are expanding and deepening our global celebration of people from all corners of the world and all walks of life.

This International Women's Day, FM Broadcast Presents: We Are Born Ready is a celebration of women from a multitude of disciplines. Tune in to experience an unprecedented conversation between host and rapper Chika, WNBA's A'ja Wilson, professional footballer Deyna Castellanos, trans rights advocate Gia Parr and journalist Noor Tagouri. Together, these five trailblazers unpack what it truly means to be #BornReady.

"I was Born Ready to take on anything. I think that is my calling. I think that's something that I'm getting really good at. And I think I'm built for it".

—A'ja Wilson, WNBA Athlete

FM Broadcast Presents: We Are Born Ready

"It can be such a positive experience, to just come out and show who you really are to the world".—Gia Parr, Trans Rights Advocate

"I think I was Born Ready to fight ... I was Born Ready to challenge every norm and break it down and make you think about what it is to be a woman".

—Chika, Rapper

FM Broadcast Presents: We Are Born Ready

"When you choose to be vulnerable, when you choose to be open, you are choosing yourself, which takes a lot less energy than choosing the version of yourself you think people want".—Noor Tagouri, Journalist

From left to right: Gia Parr, Chika, Noor Tagouri, A'ja Wilson

We Are Here to Stay

The girls are here—Born Ready to smash records, secure victories and command the game. Still, by the age of 14, they are dropping out of sport at twice the rate of boys. Together, let's keep their presence in sport strong by giving them the support they deserve. This starts with having coaches who build their confidence, celebrate their abilities and forge connections with them—both on and off the field.

The good news is there doesn't need to be a nationwide search for the next best coach. With a little bit of guidance, that coach can be you. Check out Made to Play to learn how to be the best coach to the athletes in your community.

FM Broadcast Presents: We Are Born Ready

Nike Give

Give is part of Nike's ongoing commitment in supporting and amplifying organisations that are doing transformative work in underrepresented communities.

Originally published: 8 March 2022

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