7 Nike Gift Ideas for American Football Players, Coaches and Fans

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Whether they're in the grind of daily American football training or rooting for their favourite team, the American-football-obsessed person in your life will appreciate the Nike gifts in this round-up.

Last updated: 3 May 2023
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7 Nike Gift Ideas for American Football Players, Coaches and Fans

If there's someone in your life who can't get enough of American football—whether they're a budding quarterback, tough-as-nails lineman, dedicated coach or a major fan—there's a Nike American football gift to celebrate their love of the gridiron.

Read on to find a gift that will elevate their game in training sessions or perfect their game-day look.

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7 Nike Gift Ideas for American Football Players

1. For Anyone Who Loves the Game: Nike American Footballs

Whether it's to toss around before training or at a casual hangout, what American football lover wouldn't want a fresh Nike American football? With a shape that's engineered for throwing tight spirals and a textured surface for consistent ball-handling and control, a Nike American football is a top-notch gift choice.

Whether they're coated in rubber for the playground or leather for a game-like feel, Nike American footballs have a surface that is grippy and durable.

2. For Warm Hands and One-Handed Catches: Nike American Football Gloves

Nike receiver gloves are made with Magnigrip+ technology, which gives the palms traction for making impressive (even one-handed) catches and then securing the ball down the field. Even if the player or fan in your life isn't a receiver, Nike offers premium gloves made for keeping hands warm on the sidelines.

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3. For Cold Game Days: Nike Tights

American football is a sport that inevitably encounters cold weather late in the season. Whether you're calling plays from the sidelines, cheering from the stands or running past defenders, help fight off frigid temps and keep focused on the game with a warm, flexible base layer, like Nike American football tights.

They're stretchy enough to let players move at full speed without feeling held back. And they're made with Nike Dri-FIT technology, so they'll draw sweat away from the body, keeping athletes and fans dry and comfortable.

4. For Staying Warm and Cosy: Nike Hoodies

A Nike American football hoodie is a great way to show off a love for the game. Crafted from cosy fleece materials, Nike American football hoodies come in a range of styles, some featuring team-specific logos and others sporting general American football graphics and designs.

5. For Looking Sharp: Nike American Football Polos

For folks who want to dress up a bit on the sidelines or elsewhere but still want to sport an athletic look, give the gift of a Nike polo. Nike polos are cut with a tailored, polished look, but they also provide an athletic fit and sweat-wicking fabric that stretches. They're available in loads of colours, so the American football fan in your life can show their team pride anywhere.

6. For All That Gear: Nike American Football Bags

Loving American football means lugging gear, whether it's helmets and pads or barbecue gear. Help the American football lover in your life carry their gear comfortably with a Nike American football bag.

These bags are built with tough, durable fabrics and double-stitched seams for strength, with ample pockets for keeping things organised. Plus, comfortable straps—some even with Nike Air technology built in—help distribute the weight of the load for easier carrying.

7. For the Ultimate American Football Fans: Nike American Football Fan Gear

For many active players and coaches, their journey into American football started as a fan. If the person you're shopping for has a favourite team, help them rep their team pride with Nike fan gear—from knit beanies to a wide range of apparel to team-branded slides. There's a piece of Nike fan gear that American football fans can wear any time of year.

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Words by Greg Presto

Originally published: 13 December 2022

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