Nike Zegama Trail 2

Sabatilles de trail running - Dona

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Puja muntanyes, travessa boscos i arriba al cim del camí. Les Zegama Trail 2 incorporen una entresola d'escuma ZoomX ultrareactiva per conquerir crestes escarpades, roques irregulars i curses de principi a fi. L'amortiment òptim es complementa amb una sola exterior robusta dissenyada per a les carreres de trail running.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Wolf Grey/Anthracite/Blanc
  • Model: FD5191-001

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  • Running on clouds

    Girlontherun - 08 de juny de 2024

    As an avid trail runner who logs significant mileage on various terrains, I recently upgraded to a pair of trail running shoes that promised exceptional cushioning and support. After several runs, I can confidently say these shoes have exceeded my expectations. Support is where these shoes truly shine. The stability they offer is unparalleled, thanks to a well-engineered combination of a snug heel cup, supportive arch, and a wide toe box. My feet feel secure without being constricted, allowing for natural movement while preventing any unwanted rolling or twisting. After putting these shoes through their paces, they show minimal signs of wear. Huge bonus! Overall they are cute, comfortable and supportive! Highly recommend.

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  • Zegama for THE WIN 🏆!

    SamanthaS892266218 - 28 de maig de 2024

    Once again Nike Trail division has knocked it out of the park!!! The Zegama 2 is amazing! The added cushion, upper change and Vibram sole make this a STAND OUT choice for anyone wanting to tackle trails or even take your pup out for a walk. More than enough room in the toe box, so your toes will not be disappointed. Thank you Nike Trail Division you knocked it out of the ballpark with this update! 😍😍😍 #niketrail #tametheterrain

  • Comfort and style

    kennethw386291998 - 20 de maig de 2024

    Nike zoom x did it again. Extreme comfort and cushion....with style. Not as much cushion as it's predecessor, but more than enough bounce. Solid lateral support, fits like a glove and just like the previous Zegama version, a great product.