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Nike Air Max 270

Sabatilles - Home

159,99 €

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Negre/Blanc/Solar Red/Anthracite

Les primeres Air Max per al dia a dia de Nike t'ofereixen estil, comoditat i més actitud amb les Nike Air Max 270. El disseny s'inspira en les Air Max icòniques i presenta la millor innovació de Nike amb una cambra molt ampla i una gran varietat de combinacions de colors.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Blanc/Solar Red/Anthracite
  • Model: AH8050-002

Talles i ajustos

  • El disseny queda petit; et recomanem que demanis mitja talla més

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Ressenyes (292)

4.1 Estrelles

  • Great shoes, but the bubble popped

    914c9f79-6239-4a5b-92b9-c01be11f5d22 - 05 de set. de 2022

    Great shoes, super comfy, but the air bubble popped after owning them for one month (worn for a combined two weeks) and now I don’t want to wear them anymore. I can’t justify spending that much money for a new pair. I love them and would buy them again but I have to place the low rating because of the durability.

  • shoes

    e91ac845-3d84-4e4c-ac13-8727c7f6b00b - 09 de juny de 2022

    awesome shoes for running

  • Mid

    a527056b-919d-4b20-9ec0-57ec193a5bdd - 05 de juny de 2022

    They're overall pretty comfy shoes and they look nice. You may be wondering why after saying that I gave them such a bad review. It's because they're very fragile and overly expensive. In my life I've owned this pair of shoes twice and both times they have ripped at the side recently following the purchase which is very frustrating. One of my close friends has this pair of shoes and he said the same thing happened to him so I know it wasn't just a coincidence. For anyone who is considering buying these shoes, I highly recommend you don't.