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Chloe Kelly

From the cages of London to the bright lights of the Lionesses, Chloe Kelly's name will be etched in the history books of the game forever. Discover her story that led her to score the most important goal in her country's history.

Chloe Kelly - Football Stories - Nike

Chloe Kelly. Forward, English. Born: 15 January, 1998.

Chloe Kelly grew up in west London playing football with her five older brothers. They played on paved streets and in the city’s “cages”—fenced-in pitches where games became rough-and-tumble battles. Chloe was usually the only girl, but she didn’t mind. No matter where she went, she had a ball at her feet and was ready to play.

When Chloe got older, she moved north to play professionally for Manchester City. Scrappy and fierce, she seemed destined for success. But in 2021, Chloe suffered a serious leg injury that sent her to the sidelines. Her fans worried she might be gone for good. But Chloe worked hard at rehab—and almost a year later, she was back playing for England’s national team.

In the 2022 Women’s Euro finals, England was tied 1-1 with Germany. In extra time, Chloe took a shot—and was blocked. When she got the ball again, she kicked as hard as she could. Chloe keeps her Euro medal in a place where she can see it everyday—her underwear drawer! The ball soared through the air, past the keeper and into the net— GOAL! Chloe’s team swarmed the field. She had just helped them bring home England’s first major trophy in women’s football.

“I don't really have those nerves as I did before because I'm thinking: ‘what's the worst that can happen?' I've been through the worst. I have to enjoy every moment, playing with no fear.”

— Chloe Kelly

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Chloe Kelly - Football Stories - Nike

Illustrations by Sofia Cavallari.

Originally published: 3 July 2023