At Nike, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our Nike Members. As such, we store your data only as long as you maintain an active Nike Membership—meaning you've signed in to your Nike Member profile on any Nike website or app within the previous two years. After two years of inactivity, your personal information is still available in your settings when you sign back in to your Nike Member profile, but your individual runs and workouts are replaced with aggregate information (please see "How was my data affected?" below). After five years of inactivity, we will delete your profile and all associated data, and neither is recoverable.

If you've been active in the past two years and your data is missing, or if you've been inactive for between two and five years and you do not see your aggregate data as you should, please contact us. If it's been five years since you were active, you can create a new Nike Member profile by downloading any of our apps. The easiest way to maintain access to your data is to stay active on any of our Nike digital platforms.

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