The Best Nike Fleece Shorts to Shop Now

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Snuggle up in these versatile, fluffy fleece shorts.

Last updated: 20 January 2023
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The Best Fleece Shorts by Nike

When it comes to comfort and versatility, fleece shorts by Nike offer the best of both worlds. While Nike fleece materials are cosy and soft enough to wear lounging at home, the clean-cut designs and functional details make these sweat shorts well-suited for hanging out with friends or exercising at the gym.

You can find Nike sweat shorts in a range of fleece varieties, including Nike Phoenix Fleece, Nike Club Fleece and Nike Tech Fleece. Check out this guide to find a pair of Nike fleece shorts that meet your style, fit and activity preferences.

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The Best Fleece Shorts by Nike

1. Nike Tech Fleece Shorts

Nike Tech Fleece is your go-to pick for exercising in fleece shorts. Tech Fleece is a lightweight and low-profile fleece fabric that's designed to feel smooth and sleek. Unlike a bulky fleece fabric that will weigh you down, Tech Fleece feels breathable and provides warmth and insulation.

Just like Tech Fleece joggers and tracksuit bottoms, the shorts feature a relaxed, roomy fit and convenient storage options. You'll find a premium zip pocket on the outside, as well as an internal pocket to store your phone. The soft, elastic waistband comes with a drawcord you can adjust.

Find Tech Fleece shorts in sizes for men and kids' sizes.

2. Nike Club Fleece Shorts

Club Fleece is a top-selling Nike fleece fabric—and for good reason. It has a super-soft, warm feel and a casual, cosy fit. If you're looking for a classic, timeless pair of sweat shorts, these are the shorts for you.

You'll find Nike Club Fleece shorts in a variety of cuts and designs, including those with side and back pockets, adjustable waistbands and unique colours and patterns.

3. Nike Phoenix Fleece Shorts

Of the three key varieties of Nike fleece, Nike Phoenix Fleece offers an elevated, casually athletic look. Nike Phoenix Fleece women's sweat shorts in particular feature exaggerated details like elongated ribbing and a structured cut, providing a fun twist on the basic sweat short. The fleece material is light and fluffy and styles come in a range of bold colours and patterns.

Words by Julia Sullivan

Originally published: 20 January 2023

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