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Magali Jou

All For 1

Join the movement with Magali and the Nike Air Force 1. Take the first step forward.

Magali Jou

Magali is a dancer and choreographer of dancehall from Barcelona. Founder of Di Chicxss Dancehall Crew that unites dancers who share the same passion and purpose. Magali aims to democratize dance and recognize it as a sport advocating for the community of dancers.

All for 1 Movement

The movement is everything. It is what makes the world turn, change and go forward. As passionate about dance, Magali has no doubt that without the first step nothing evolves.

“With this movement, I want to express the need for urban dancers to move, I want to raise awareness in the community so that things change, that they improve their conditions and that they show the world their talent. My message is: Wake up, all together we can change the world, your world. ALL FOR 1, is a mix of the three urban dances with which I am most committed: Dancehall, Hip Hop and Afrodance. But it's really inspired by dance in general, whatever the style, it's about making noise, changing things." - Magali Jou

Learn the steps below!