The 6 Best Nike Self-Care Gift Ideas

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Soft hoodies, recovery tools and cosy slippers will help your loved ones relax and recharge.

Last updated: 22 December 2022
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The Best Self-Care Gift Ideas by Nike

Nike self-care gifts can help your loved ones decompress, relieve muscle tension and breathe a little deeper. Choose from soft hoodies and joggers, slippers and recovery tools that will encourage them to embrace rest days and recharge.

Read on for the best self-care gift ideas by Nike.

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6 Self-Care Gift Ideas by Nike

1. Nike Yoga Hoodies and Pullovers

After a tough workout or a stressful day, slipping into a snuggly sweatshirt might be just the thing to unwind. Whether the person you're shopping for prefers a cropped, loose feel or something that's slightly more fitted, these cosy sweatshirts will provide next-level comfort.

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The Best Self-Care Gift Ideas by Nike

2. Nike Yoga Joggers and Tracksuit Bottoms

Pulling on a pair of comfortable tracksuit bottoms can send the signal that it's time to recharge. Nike Yoga joggers feature smooth, stretchy fabrics that offer free movement and feel soft on skin. Choose wide-leg joggers for a roomy feel or ribbed cuffs for a snug fit.

The Best Self-Care Gift Ideas by Nike

3. Nike Training Socks

Pamper tired feet with a pair of soft and supportive socks from Nike. While these socks are made for training at the gym, they provide cushioning in the heel, forefoot and arches for comfort while walking or lounging around. Because the socks are made from sweat-wicking materials, feet stay dry and cool.

4. Nike Recovery Tools

Self-care isn't just for nourishing the mind and mental health. It is also about relaxing the physical body. Nike recovery tools—such as a foam roller or recovery ball—can help ease sore muscles, especially in the shoulders and upper back where stress tends to build up.

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The Best Self-Care Gift Ideas by Nike

5. Nike Blue Light Glasses

If your loved one's favourite way to decompress involves phone scrolling or TV watching, consider a pair of glasses from the Nike Blue Light Collection. Premium lens coating helps decrease exposure to blue light and reduce eye strain.

The Best Self-Care Gift Ideas by Nike

6. Nike Slippers

Nothing says "the day is done" quite like swapping shoes for a pair of comfortable slippers. Nike slippers are designed with a warm, fleece-like lining and feature a cushioned foam midsole for plush comfort. At the same time, the grippy outsole offers traction to stay grounded.

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The Best Self-Care Gift Ideas by Nike

Words by Tiffany Ayuda

Originally published: 16 December 2022

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