8 Nike Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

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Find a thoughtful gift for Mum that encourages her to indulge in everyday pleasures, from working out to lounging to showing off her style.

Last updated: 22 November 2022
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8 Nike Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

If you're wondering what to get your Mum (or mother figure) this Mother's Day, check out this guide to find something special. You know her best—surprise her with something she might not buy for herself, add a personal touch like a handwritten note or carve out some quality time to complete the day.

1. For Mums Who Practise Yoga: Nike Dri-FIT Leggings

If your Mum is a yoga fan, choose a pair of leggings made with Nike Dri-FIT Technology such as Nike One Luxe, Nike Epic Luxe or Nike Yoga Luxe leggings. These styles have a soft, smooth texture that feels luxurious and body-hugging in all the right ways, and the fabric also wicks sweat away from the body, keeping the body fresh no matter where she practises.

2. For Mums Who Love To Run: Nike Running Jackets

A little inclement weather shouldn't stop Mum from getting out there. If your Mum loves to run, treat her to a Nike running jacket to keep her warm, dry and protected from the elements, so she can run any time she wants. If she likes running outside in the morning or in the evening, look for a style made with reflective design features to make her visible in her surroundings.

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3. For Mums on Their Feet All Day: Nike Slides

If your Mum spends a lot of time on her feet, consider a pair of Nike's soft foam slides. They're designed to offer lightweight cushioning—perfect for a house shoe—but they're also durable enough to be worn outside for a casual, athletic look. What's more, surprise her with a pedicure where slides can come in handy.

4. For Mums Looking to Lounge: Nike Club Fleece

To help your Mum relax and recover after a long day at work, a tough workout or simply just because, hook her up with some cosy, soft Nike Sportswear Club Fleece apparel. These sweatshirts and tracksuit bottoms are comfortable while also looking tailored and elevated, especially if you opt for a matching set.

5. For Mums Who Love the Gym: Home Workout Equipment

If the gym is your Mum's happy place, help her recreate some of that joy at home. Gift her a versatile piece of workout equipment, like a medicine ball or resistance band. If she already has all of her favourite gym equipment at home, consider recovery tools (like a foam roller) to help her relieve soreness after a particularly hard workout and as prep to crush the next one on the books.

6. For On-the-Go Mums: Nike Tote Bag

If your Mum carries her life around in her bag, she may be overdue for a new tote bag. Nike's options come in lots of different sizes and colours to meet her needs. For example, the Nike One Luxe Bag has an expandable design and can carry a laptop, yoga mat, accessories and smaller packable totes for easy organisation.

7. For Environmentally Conscious Mums: Apparel Made from Sustainable Materials

For Mums who keep sustainability in mind, you might want to think about a gift that's been upcycled or made from sustainable materials. Nike has all kinds of apparel options made with at least 50 percent recycled materials, so you can find a gift that matches Mum's values.

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8. For Mums Who Love Making a Statement: Serena Design Crew Gear

Whether they're excelling at work, making an impact in their communities or achieving ambitious goals, Mums should be celebrated for all the ways they show up. If your Mum likes to make a statement with her clothing, find a piece from the Serena Design Crew collection. The Serena Design Crew consists of 10 emerging designers hand-picked by Serena Williams to tell the story of her career while honouring each artist's diverse background and promoting diversity and inclusion. The collection has bright, bold patterns in tennis wear that can go from the court to the gym and everywhere in between.

Words by: Greg Presto

Originally published: 22 April 2022

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