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Kadeisha Buchanan

Gold medalist. Game changer. Find out how Kadeisha became one of the world's best despite the odds.

Kadeisha Buchanan - Football Stories - Nike

Kadeisha Buchanan. Defender, Canadian. Born: 5 November, 1995.

Kadeisha is a skilled defender on the pitch. She can shut down some of the best strikers the world has ever seen. Playing center-back, Kadeisha is like a shadow, anticipating her opponents’ every move and outthinking their every step. Then, she strikes, stealing the ball or blocking their plays.

But when Kadeisha was young, she had little hope of going pro. She was part of a big family. Her mom worked multiple jobs but had trouble paying for rent and food—let alone soccer fees.

But with help from friends and family, Kadeisha and her family got by. And despite how busy she was, her mom was there, playing goalie as Kadeisha ran drills after school. Kadeisha's love of the game helped get her through the hard times.

And by the time Kadeisha was a teenager, she caught the eye of the world’s top coaches. At 17 years old, Kadeisha debuted for Canada, and she went pro a few years after that. Today, she’s hailed as one of the best defenders the world has ever seen. She is an unshakeable force on the pitch.

“Football is my life. I think it changed my life for the better.”

— Kadeisha Buchanan

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Kadeisha Buchanan - Football Stories - Nike

Illustrations by Camila Ru.

Originally published: 1 July 2023