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Never Done Challenging Convention: Circa 72

Never Done Challenging Convention

Department of Nike Archives

We built our reputation on challenging the status quo. Our latest collection, Nike Circa 72, re-imagines past innovations for future generations.

Nike athlete: Victor Wembanyama


Victor Wembanyama

He’s the new global basketball sensation straight from another planet. Explore the universe of Victor Wembanyama.

Nike athlete: Cindy Ngamba


Cindy Ngamba

Boxing dynamo Cindy Ngamba isn't just throwing punches for medals. As a proud member of the refugee community, she relentlessly pursues dreams. Not just for herself, but for all those she represents.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen

Nike Athlete

Jakob Ingebrigtsen

Jakob Ingebrigtsen is a different breed. With remarkable achievements from a young age, he's become a prominent figure in the world of athletics.

Nike Athlete: Carlos Alcaraz


Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz goes all in for every point, playing to win always with relentless creativity and pure positivity.

Nike Athlete: India Sardjoe


India Sardjoe

2022 was the year B-Girl India redefined breaking forever. In just 6 months, B-Girl India changed the game, winning the Dutch, European, and world championships at just 15 years old. And that was...

Nike athlete: Bebe Vio


Bebe Vio

Bebe Vio knows no bounds. She redefined victory to become the world's top wheelchair fencer. Now, the Italian athlete is a catalyst for change.