11 Nike Gift Ideas for the Beach Lover in Your Life

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Whether they spend their beach days in the water or on the sand, there's a gift for every kind of beach lover at Nike.

Last updated: 9 December 2022
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The Best Nike Beach Gifts

Fins, goggles and other types of swim accessories and items are often welcome gifts for beach lovers—regardless of the time of year.

Whether your loved one spends their beach days sprawled on the warm sand, picking up shells or submerged in the ocean, there's a Nike beach gift to suit every type of beach-goer. Get started with this guide.

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11 Nike Gift Ideas for Beach Lovers

1. Waterproof Swim Bags

One essential every beach-goer needs: an easy-to-transport, waterproof bag to hold their items. Nike Swim Locker Bags feature a compact design that's still big enough to stash a towel, swimsuit, goggles and more.

2. Swimming Goggles

Gift the underwater explorer in your life a fresh pair of high-quality Nike goggles, which come in a few varieties:

  • Nike Vapor: these goggles have curved, oversized lenses that help enhance an individual's field of vision underwater. The ultra-low-profile design also helps to avoid drag moving through the water, making them ideal for the serious swimmer in your life.
  • Nike Legacy: while Legacy goggles are also engineered for strong underwater swimming, they're built for comfort, with many varieties featuring ergonomic nose bridges to fit a wide variety of faces.
  • Nike Easy Fit Kids' Swimming Goggles: designed to grow alongside a little one, these goggles feature a stretchy, angled strap that helps distribute pressure across the head for a comfortable fit—whatever stage of growth they're in.

3. Pull-Kick Swim Accessories

Advanced and beginner swimmers can benefit from the Nike Pull-Kick Swim Accessories that feature a two-in-one design that can be used as a kickboard and a pull buoy.

And in a hyper-crimson shade, it helps an athlete stay visible as they explore—all while keeping them comfortable in the water. Its compact size makes it easy to stuff in a beach bag.

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4. Swim Caps

A swim cap is a necessary item for any ocean swimmer. Nike swim caps are crafted with hypoallergenic, high-stretch silicone that's easy to slip on. The Nike Solid Long Hair Silicone Training Cap contains extra space for people with long hair.

5. Swim Fins

Nike Swim Fins feature a shorter blade than most swim fins, helping to optimise swimming efficiency and kicking speed. They also have an open toe box with grooves at the tip of the blade for a customised fit.

6. Sandals and Slides

When it's time to pack up and trek across a sandy beach to go home, your loved one will be thankful you scooped them up a pair of lightweight Nike sandals or slides. Shop these popular varieties:

  • Nike Victori One: with soft, responsive foam and a lightweight design, these slides are a great, no-fail gift for beach lovers.
  • Nike Vista: these sandals feature a snug and adjustable strap system that will ensure the shoe stays put—even when trudging through thick sand (or for exploring fun tide pools).
  • Nike On Deck: does the beach-goer in your life prefer a classic flip-flop? These sandals are a prime choice. A no-frills design and lightweight cushioning make them easy to wear (and take off) while remaining sturdy.

7. Sunglasses

Nike sunglasses are designed for athletes—which means they fit snugly (and comfortably) on the face to prevent the sun from impeding vision. This makes them a great gift for people who love to play in the sand or water, as Nike sunglasses are sure to stay put.

Shop sport-orientated varieties like the Show X3 Elite, which offers a one-piece lens for an uninterrupted line of sight and anti-fogging ventilation. Or, for lying down, choose classic shades like the Nike Journey with a standard barrel hinge and slim profile.

8. Caps

Nike sweat-wicking caps are ideal for beach days for two main reasons. First, many varieties are designed for sport with Dri-FIT Technology that helps stop moisture from accumulating on the head. Second, Nike caps are made for all-day wear with soft fabric and features meant to reduce glare.

9. Beach Volleyballs

No beach day is complete without at least one round of beach volleyball. Gift the athlete in your life a Nike volleyball designed for performance, like the Nike HyperSpike 18 P volleyball, made from soft composite leather that ensures a precise touch with each bump, set or spike.

10. Hoodies

Ensure your loved one has a garment to keep them warm when a cool sea breeze blows in—like a Nike hoodie. Find a hoodie that matches their comfort and style preferences, including designs with sweat-wicking Dri-FIT Technology, fluffy fleece inner linings and both tight- and loose-fit varieties.

11. Swimwear

Nike swimwear is available in a multitude of patterns, colours and styles, from two-piece sets to one-pieces and trunks—making it a top gift for any sea lover. Many swimsuits feature Nike HydraStrong fabric that ensures lasting durability and won't deteriorate with repeated dips in salt water.

Words by Julia Sullivan

Originally published: 9 December 2022

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