6 Nike Essentials for New Swimmers

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Before your next pool session, be sure to stock up on Nike swimming gear to get the most from your workout.

Last updated: 9 June 2022
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The Best Nike Swimming Gear

Swimming is an excellent form of full-body, cardiovascular exercise that can get your heart rate up without the impact of running, making it an effective cross-training option. When you swim, you reap the benefits of high-intensity aerobic exercise, while giving your body a break.

Whether you're learning to swim, starting a new lap-swimming routine or supplementing your training plan with a swimming workout every once in a while, you'll want more than a swimsuit to excel in the water. Here are six basic swimming-gear essentials to have on hand if you're hitting the pool for a workout.

  1. 1.Swimsuit

    The Best Nike Swimming Gear

    While most swimsuits will work, a swimming workout calls for a well-fitting, supportive swimsuit that won't fall down when you dive into the pool or do a flip turn. For women, look for a snug-fitting one-piece swimsuit or bikini top with adequate support. For example, the Nike Women's Crossback Bikini Top features breathable mesh and perforated, removable cups that add support and dry quickly.

    On the men's side, if you're looking for a little more resistance in the water, regular swimming trunks will do—just be sure to secure the adjustable drawstring before diving in. If you prefer less drag in the water, opt for a tight-fitting jammer or swimming briefs.

  2. 2.Goggles

    The Best Nike Swimming Gear

    Swimming goggles are essential to keep water out of the eyes. The Nike Swim collection offers goggles for men, women and kids in a variety of colours, as well as swimming goggle cases to protect them from scratches. If you're planning to swim in an outdoor pool or open water, go for a pair of tinted goggles to help reduce glare and UV ray exposure. Many styles come with a customisable nose bridge to create the perfect fit.

  3. 3.Swimming Cap

    The Best Nike Swimming Gear

    Chlorine found in swimming pools can dry out and damage hair over time, so it's best to wear a swimming cap to help protect your hair. Not to mention, swimming caps reduce drag and keep hair out of your face and eyes—and the pool. Nike has silicone swimming-cap options available in a range of colours, as well as a larger size that offers extra space for swimmers with long or natural hair. The Nike Victory Women's Swim Hijab provides additional coverage, plus an interior elastic band to hold hair in place.

  4. 4.Kickboard or Pull Buoy

    The Best Nike Swimming Gear

    To take your swimming sessions to the next level, consider using a kickboard to practise your kick and build leg and upper-body strength. Nike offers a compact and easy-to-transport kickboard that doubles as a pull buoy, which you place between your legs to keep them afloat while you focus on your form and upper body.

  5. 5.Swimming Fins

    The Best Nike Swimming Gear

    Swimming fins are another piece of equipment that can switch up a swimming workout and optimise the efficiency and speed of your kicks. The ridged areas on the sides of the blades, designed in conjunction with softer, more flexible areas, help produce maximum propulsion with each kick. The open toe box with grooves at the tip of the blade make for a comfortable fit. Nike offers a selection of sleek, black swimming fins with brightly coloured accents.

  6. 6.Swimming Gear Bag

    The Best Nike Swimming Gear

    To hold your towel, swimsuit, goggles and the rest of your swimming gear, it can be helpful to designate a bag to carry everything. Nike has several swimming-bag options that are designed to fit all the necessary swimming equipment, and they're perforated to allow for water drainage, so your swimsuit, towel and other items will dry quickly, even when stored in the bag.

Words by Emilia Benton

Originally published: 9 June 2022