How To Pick the Right Indoor Football Shoe for You

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Here are some of the best shoes for every playing style and surface.

Last updated: 27 October 2022
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How To Pick the Right Indoor Football Shoe for You

Wearing the right kind of shoe is important regardless of what sport you play. But with football, wearing the right shoe depends not only on your playing style, but the surface, too.

Read on to learn about important qualities in an indoor football shoe, and the best Nike indoor football shoes to level up your game.

Everything You Need To Know About Indoor Football Shoes

The most obvious difference between indoor and outdoor football shoes is that outdoor football shoes have spikes on the sole, whereas indoor football shoes have textured rubber soles to provide maximum traction for hard surfaces.

In order to match the demands of indoor football play, the outsole of indoor football shoes is different from your go-to outdoor boots.

"Most players like a synthetic outsole because it can increase your grip on the ball", said Matt Wessels, general manager of Cascade Indoor Sports and member of the United States Indoor Sports Association. Indoor football requires even quicker footwork than its outdoor counterpart and keeping tight control of the ball is very important, he said.

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Another important criterion to find the optimal indoor football shoe for you? Figuring out your playing style. Whether you're an attacker or defender will play a significant role in helping determine what shoe to wear.

Forwards, for instance, should look for shoes with a clear striking surface that will offer a raw touch on the ball and a snug fit that will help you efficiently manoeuvre past defenders and strike goals, Wessels said. Defensive players, on the other hand, might benefit from shoes that tout tough uppers to help guard their feet and a grippy outsole to give you control of the ball while maximising agility, he added.

The Best Nike Indoor Football Shoes to Shop Now

  1. 1.Best for Speed: Nike Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 Academy IC

    How To Pick the Right Indoor Football Shoe for You

    This shoe is engineered to help you accelerate by giving a spring-like feel, thanks to a rubber outsole that boasts Nike's new Zoom Air unit. With a NikeSkin upper, this shoe instils a barefoot vibe that players crave to get the natural feel of the ball. The speed cage inside, on the other hand, secures the foot without adding weight to emphasise quick readiness.

  2. 2.Best for Cement: Nike Streetgato

    How To Pick the Right Indoor Football Shoe for You

    If you're looking for a versatile shoe that you can wear outside the court, the Nike Streetgato is the shoe for you. The suede upper offers a laid-back stylish detail while the outsole is engineered to provide optimal grip and improve traction while you play.

  3. 3.Best for Small-Sided Game: Nike Lunar Gato

    How To Pick the Right Indoor Football Shoe for You

    This lightweight shoe was designed to provide comfort and durability—all while enhancing performance during small-sided games. Its signature Lunarlon cushioning offers a plush feel that helps you stay light on your feet while allowing you to quickly respond to the ball. It features a soft premium leather upper and mesh panels that allow for plenty of breathability. The rubber sole offers optimal traction for indoor surfaces and the Nike Grind rubber forefoot enhances grip on the ball.

  4. 4.Best for Precision Agility: Nike Phantom GT2 Academy TF

    How To Pick the Right Indoor Football Shoe for You

    Designed with a grippy rubber exterior, the Nike Phantom GT2 Academy TF provides maximum control of the ball for quick movements. For added passing and striking precision, the off-centre laces maximise the contact space between the shoe and the ball. If you're looking for extra support, the shoe's Dynamic Fit version has a collar that hugs the ankles.

    Words by Faith Brar

Originally published: 12 October 2022

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