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Keep a Bedside Notepad

By Ryan Flaherty

Keep a Bedside Journal

Sleep is one of my favourite things to talk about, because it's so important, and yet so many people struggle with it. A top reason most people can't fall asleep is because their mind's racing as they get into bed. Maybe you're rehashing your feelings about an exchange you had that day or you're going through all the things you've got to remember to do tomorrow.

Keep a notepad on your bedside table and when you get into bed, spend a few minutes writing down all the things that are in your head—just let it out. Jot down if you need to call the vet for your dog or email someone back about work. Write it all down, so that way you can get your head down and not have those thoughts racing around.

Why does it work? Getting it down on the paper and out of your head allows you to get into a resting state. The real goal is to go from the sympathetic nervous system state to a parasympathetic nervous system state, which is our resting state—and it's much harder to get to that place where you can sleep unless you allow your brain to stop operating at such a high level.

So tonight, try putting down your phone and picking up a pen and pad, and write down everything that's running through your head. You'll fall asleep faster and wake up knowing exactly what you've got to do that day.

Keep a Bedside Journal

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