Gloves Not Gunz: More Than A Club


It's never too late to turn your life around, no matter what your story is. Meet the boxing club uniting London's youth through sport.

Last updated: 14 December 2021
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Hidden away in Croydon, south London, a surprisingly small boxing club is having a transformative effect on kids who are trying to turn their lives around. Space is limited, it's sweaty and unapologetic, but its purpose is undeniable: It's changing lives for the better. Founded by Adam Ballard and Ben Eckett in early 2017, Gloves Not Gunz grew from their determination to see a change in their local area after a series of crimes were committed by young offenders.

Gloves Not Gunz is for everyone. Kids from different schools and neighbourhoods, who come with varying issues, turn up. They acknowledge their differences, but leave them firmly at the door. This is a space to have fun, enjoy something new and let loose. Every small win is recognised and celebrated.

The difficulties of daily life for kids from South London become more manageable when they're lifting weights, running circuits and learning breathing exercises. It helps to balance out their energy, bringing a sense of calm.

Gloves Not Gunz: More Than a Boxing Club

"Boxing has impacted my life dramatically. I'd say that it's completely changed the way I look at everything. I'm more positive, more confident and I definitely have more self-belief since starting boxing".

Gloves Not Gunz: More Than a Boxing Club
Gloves Not Gunz: More Than a Boxing Club
Gloves Not Gunz: More Than a Boxing Club

In this Crew Love, we get closer to Precieux Noka and the other members who give this amazing organisation its purpose, and we learn how lives are being transformed through the challenge of learning how to box.

Words: Liz Baldwin
Photography: Lauren Maccabee
Animation: Alice Isaac
Film: Ramone Anderson, Jake Gabby

Originally published: 14 December 2021