What to wear to the airport: 7 travel outfit essentials

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From cosy joggers and versatile tops to iconic sneakers, your travel wardrobe is about to get an upgrade.

Last updated: 15 November 2023
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What to wear to the airport: 7 travel outfit ideas

Planning your airport outfit is a crucial step in travel preparations. Travel outfits aren't just about making a style statement—prioritising comfort and function is key, too. Navigating the airport terminal, waiting in lines and sitting for extended periods call for cosy clothing items.

The best travel outfit ideas revolve around ease and adaptability. Whether you're trying to catch an early morning flight or prepare for a lengthy international journey, your travel outfit needs to be versatile enough to adapt from the chilly aeroplane cabin to the warmer climates of your destination.

Airport outfit ideas marry comfort with style, making athleisure outfits the ultimate go-to. For context, adaptable athleisure pieces include leggings and joggers, tops and T-shirts you can layer and jumpers that easily come on and off.

Of course, comfortable footwear you can slip in and out of is the ultimate finishing touch (hello, Nike Air Force 1s). Likewise, utilitarian bags help make packing and security checkpoints a breeze.

Whether they are for a quick business trip or a long-awaited getaway, the airport outfits ahead ensure you're well-prepared and comfy for whatever amount of time you spend travelling—from departures to arrivals.

Your travel outfits need these 7 essential clothing staples

Slip into cosy joggers

Navigating the airport can sometimes feel like a sport in itself. That's why a pair of joggers or tracksuit bottoms are a reliable go-to. They offer maximum comfort and flexibility for long walks to your gate or unexpected dashes to make a connection. Style these with a form-fitting tank top or T-shirt, and layer with an oversized jacket to balance out the look. A chain-link necklace or sleek watch will elevate the cosiness without feeling fussy.

Leggings for the long haul

A favourite among many travellers, full-length leggings are a no-brainer when thinking up holiday outfit ideas and refining your airport style. Simple and sleek, they're perfect for any travel day where comfort is the priority, and many of them offer functional details like pockets to quickly stash your phone and ID. Add a long, loose top and oversized jumper or sweatshirt to balance the fitted silhouette of the leggings. Then, toss on a pair of sculptural hoop earrings for a dash of polish.

All hail the hoodie

Hoodies and sweatshirts are the best companions for chilly aeroplane cabins or early morning flights (not to mention they can double as a pillow if you peel off the layer after getting warm). Pair these cosy layers with joggers or leggings and, for more dimension, perhaps add a bomber jacket for a finish. After all, wearing a jacket on the plane reduces the weight in a checked bag—a pro packing hack.

What to wear to the airport: 7 travel outfit ideas

Support in style

Light-support bras are a staple for those who prioritise comfort and support. Pair these with a semi-sheer top for a subtle flash of style. A pendant necklace or two will amplify the layered look with extra personality.

Fresh Air Force 1s

A pair of reliable sneakers is the ultimate anchor to every great airport outfit. A pair of Nike Air Force 1s isn't just comfortable, it's iconic and adds a sporty touch to your travel attire. Complement these with ankle-length trousers or leggings and a gleaming or beaded anklet.

Tees, please

Easy tees are all about comfort—key for travel—but there's no harm in prioritising a little style, too. Think beyond your normal rotation of V-necks and crew necks and consider an oversized rugby style silhouette. Then, pair your favourite one with relaxed-fit joggers or cargo trousers and a classic baseball cap or beanie.

It's in the bag

Don't underestimate the power of a functional bag. A duffel or backpack is a sensible choice for travel, as either option is often equipped with plenty of pockets and straps for hassle-free packing and carrying. Make the most of this travel look by thinking monochromatically, adding socks and a hat of the same hue for a colour-coordinating effect—and statement-making impact.

If you're heading somewhere warm (beach holiday, perhaps?) —and you want to get out of your airport outfit after landing—consider tossing an athletic dress, a colour-coordinating cardigan and a pair of strappy sandals in your carry-on bag for a quick glow-up.

Words by Laura Lajiness Kaupke

Originally published: 10 November 2023

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