The 7 Best Pieces of Nike Football Gear for Women

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Get ready for the big match with Nike football clothing and accessories designed to optimise speed, agility and precision on the pitch.

Last updated: 21 February 2023
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The 7 Best Pieces of Nike Football Gear for Women

For footballers, every second on the pitch counts. And whatever the position, time spent fiddling with shinguards or any other type of nuisance isn't just an annoyance—it's a moment that could potentially cost the match.

Granted, the effectiveness of football gear goes far beyond function. Stepping out onto the pitch in a sleek football kit can instil formidable confidence in any player and team.

Designed to meet the athletic prowess of footballers of all levels, check out these seven Nike football must-haves for women.

7 Nike Football Essentials for Women

1. Properly Fitting Football Shoes

Whether playing on turf, artificial grass or a hard court, choosing the right pair of shoes is one of the most important football-gear purchases an athlete can make. While the three main Nike shoes (Phantom, Mercurial and Tempo) are designed to match the skill level of players in all positions, some are more tailored to certain preferences and styles of play. Here's what each of them offer:

Nike Phantom: These shoes feature a special raised patterning texture designed to give players maximal control and spin of the ball. They also have off-centre lacing for better shooting, passing and dribbling precision.

Nike Mercurial: You've probably spotted pro players sporting these ultra-lightweight shoes in matches around the world. Nike Mercurial boots are built for speed. Many variations of Mercurial shoes are made with Vaporposite+, a grippy grid mesh that helps maximise ball control at lightning speeds.

Nike Tiempo: With soft, premium leather and a cushioned insole with an adaptive mesh tongue, Nike Tiempo shoes are engineered for an athlete's comfort. But these boots are also designed for speed and agility, with many Tiempos containing raised textures on the front to ensure spot-on passing, dribbling and shooting.

2. Sturdy Shinguards and Sleeves

An injury-prevention must-have for any football athlete, an effective pair of shinguards will keep shins safe from trauma—while also staying put beneath their socks. Nike shinguards offer a strong composite shell with perforations for breathability, while compression sleeves help keep them in place.

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3. Breathable Shorts

With 90 minutes of sprints, tackles and slides, an athlete's legs work overtime during a football match—making a breathable, lightweight pair of shorts a must. Nike football shorts feature a slightly stretchy fabric and a mesh waistband for fitted, but non-constricting, wear.

4. Comfy Warm-Up Jacket

Nike football jackets help keep athletes warm throughout pre-match drills—and are moisture-resistant in case of inclement weather.

5. Supportive Sports Bra

A sports bra is a key part of performance. With a wide range of styles (back closure, front closure and pullover) and sizes ranging from XS to 3X and A to G cups, Nike sports bras are engineered for optimal speed, agility and athleticism on the pitch. (Not to mention, they come in a wide variety of colours and designs, too.)

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6. Sweat-Wicking and Hair-Saving Headbands

Keeping hair and sweat out of a footballer's face is a must for effective vision on the pitch. Nike headbands fit snugly and securely, so defenders can keep an eye on encroaching attackers, strikers on incoming corner kicks and every match-making moment in between.

7. Perspiration-Wicking Tops

Whether cropped, slim fitted or oversized in style, a functional football shirt will move seamlessly with an athlete—all while keeping sweat off the body and poised for evaporation. Several Nike football tops feature Nike Dri-FIT Technology, which uses a microfibre construction that helps disperse sweat across the fabric's surface (and away from the body)

Words by Julia Sullivan, ACE-certified CPT

Originally published: 29 July 2022

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