How to Find Comfy Maternity Yoga Clothes

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Finding the right yoga clothes for pregnancy is about finding maternity gear that is supportive but comfortable.

Last updated: 1 February 2022
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Maternity Yoga Clothes: What to Wear When Pregnant

Whether you're a new yogi or a Vinyasa regular, comfort is key when shopping for maternity yoga clothes.

"I generally recommend anything that is comfortable, and something that you can move freely in", says Jennie Love, an antenatal yoga instructor based in Scottsdale, Arizona in the United States.

You want maternity workout clothes that are form-fitting and supportive yet flexible and comfortable enough so you don't feel restricted as you move from one pose to the next.

The good news is that you can wear much of the same maternity activewear you use for other workouts during your yoga practice, too. Here are some buying tips from experts to help you find the best yoga clothes for pregnancy.

3 Expert Buying Tips for Maternity Yoga Clothes

  1. 1.Avoid Flowy Tops

    "Flowy tank tops will always be a nuisance for yoga, as they fall over your head during every Downward Facing Dog", says Heidi Kristoffer, founder of CrossFlow Yoga.

    And if they also have a wide neck, they can fall completely off, which can make some people feel a little self-conscious, Love says.

    Instead, Kristoffer suggests looking for a maternity tank top or T-shirt that's more form-fitting and is a bit longer so it can go over your belly.

    For example, Nike's Infinalon yoga collection features performance fabrics that allow you to move freely while still providing some compression. Because Infinalon pieces use a finer-yarn material, the clothing is also comfy, breathable and lightweight. Plus, it comes in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate all body types and stages of pregnancy.

    Some pregnant people may also feel more comfortable just wearing a sports bra or crop top so that nothing goes over the belly. Experiment to figure out what you like.

  2. 2.Choose Comfy Yoga Trousers or Leggings

    Although many pregnant women find over-the-bump compression leggings comfortable, others may find them too constricting, Kristoffer says.

    "Our bodies change daily in pregnancy", she says. "I preferred ultra-high-waisted leggings in one or two sizes up from my non-pregnant size".

    But if you're not sure whether you'll like high-waisted trousers, Kristoffer recommends roll-over maternity leggings, which let you choose to roll the waistband over or under your bump.

    If you can, go to a shop to try on maternity yoga trousers or leggings (don't forget shorts and capri trousers) for a better sense of fit and how they feel when you move.

    Love recommends walking around with them on and testing out a few different poses to see if they really feel comfortable. "You also don't want to keep hiking them up, so trying them on and moving around in them can help ensure you're choosing a pair that won't slip", Love says.

    Make sure you bend over and look at yourself in the mirror from behind to make sure the stretched fabric isn't see-through, she adds.

    Lastly, think about any other special features you want in your maternity leggings. Pockets, for example, can help you easily store your phone on your way to and from class.

  3. 3.Prioritise a Supportive Sports Bra

    During pregnancy, your breasts get bigger and more sensitive, so you may need a maternity sports bra that's a size or two up from what you usually wear.

    Love recommends looking for sports bras with light compression that will grow with you throughout your pregnancy and even after the birth. If you're planning to breastfeed, consider a sports bra that doubles as a nursing bra.

    "You may want to invest in nursing sports bras so that you don't have to buy an entirely separate set of gear when the baby arrives", Kristoffer says. "Just make sure it doesn't have underwire, as it can feel constricting and lead to mastitis [an inflammation of the breast tissue usually caused by a blocked milk duct]".

    For example, the Nike (M) collection features the Swoosh maternity sports bra that has supportive padding and moisture-managing fabric you can easily pull back to breastfeed your baby.

    As with all workout clothing, choose a sports bra with sweat-wicking fabrics to help you stay dry. Excess moisture can lead to thrush, a yeast fungus that's common when breastfeeding. Thrush spreads easily in moist environments and can cause itchiness, burning and shooting pain in the breasts. It can also spread to your baby's mouth.

    Again, try on a variety of sports bras in the shop versus online so you can narrow down your search. It'll also give you a better idea of what makes your breasts feel more supported but not constricted.

Other Helpful Maternity Yoga Gear

  • Grippy yoga mat: pick a mat that provides enough cushioning and support for your knees, elbows and other joints, recommend both Kristoffer and Love. "Invest in a quality yoga mat that has enough cushioning without being too squishy", Love says. "A 5mm yoga mat is ideal because you want to be able to stay grounded and connect with the Earth, especially when doing balance poses".

  • Blocks, pillows, blankets or bolsters: props can assist you in certain poses and make modifications more comfortable. "A yoga bolster and some blocks will allow many modifications as you get further along in your pregnancy", Kristoffer says. "If you're doing yoga from home, I highly recommend at least blocks". Love says blocks give you something to rest your hands on if you're not able to reach the floor in certain poses, like the triangle pose.

Find additional tips on how to buy yoga clothes.

Originally published: 13 September 2021

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