Last updated: 21 April 2022
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Bra By Adwoa

Adwoa Aboah: Welcome to my issue

Adwoa Aboah: Welcome to my issue

We’re back with the latest edition of Bra By, this time guest edited by model, activist and all round baddie, Adwoa Aboah. Founder of The Gurls Talk podcast, Adwoa has used her platform to delve into the link between mental and physical health and this issue we’ll be taking a closer look at that mind-body connection, exploring how to keep going even when the going gets tough. Happy reading!

Bra By Adwoa: Editor's Letter
Bra By Adwoa: Editor's Letter

Bra By Adwoa: Editor’s Letter

I’ll let you in on a secret.

I’m a terrible sleeper. I might be the worst sleeper in the world. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m a complete night owl, but every time I try to get an early night, I toss and turn and my mind races for hours. I’ve tried everything; sleep masks (annoying), meditating (as if I can focus for that long), counting sheep (hopeless).

But the only thing that helps me doze off is tiring out my body with a good workout. I’ve done Muay Thai, I did boxing when I first got sober –that was my thing. I’m obsessed with Pilates and even took up running during the pandemic. And it’s the only thing that works.

Sport has always been something I can count on to unwind, both physically and mentally. Without it, I feel unbalanced. Getting up and moving my body helps mecure a bad day. It gives me time to connect with my body, time to concentrate (on something other than my phone screen) –it’s a real moment to myself. Meditation has never been my thing but focusing on my form lets me reconnect while the rest of the world melts away into the background.

I write all this to explain why I’m so honoured to be guest-editing this Bra By takeover. For every workout, living room dance party, pandemic run or bout in the boxing ring I’ve done, I’ve relied on the comfort and support of a good sports bra. I can be fussy about the style -I like mine simple and comfortable –a more understated look always makes me feel sexy and cool, even when I’m sweating it out in the gym. I adore classic 90s shapes so there’s an element of nostalgia in my bra choices too.

Working on Bra By, I got the chance to reevaluate my relationship to sports bras, exploring how they play a role in my broader relationship with sport and mental health. Sport helps me relax, unwind, focus, get out aggression, process feelings and make progress in other areas of my life, and I want everyone reading to be able to access the freedom that it brings –all while feeling supported and sexy. After a grueling two years, we deserve that!

I’ve loved putting this issue together and hope you enjoy reading it just as much.

Mad love,


Originally published: 21 April 2022