The Best Free Workouts on the Nike Training Club App

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The Nike Training Club App has a variety of free workouts for all skill levels—no equipment or gym required.

Last updated: 27 July 2022
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The Best Free Workouts on the Nike Training Club App

Even if you're committed to getting 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise (or 75 minutes high-intensity exercise) a week, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it can still be difficult to decide how to spend those minutes. Thankfully, the Nike Training Club (NTC) App offers plenty of free workouts you can do anywhere—no equipment required.

If you're just embarking on your fitness journey (or just need to mix things up), try to find movement that brings you joy—during or after the workout. Sports psychologist Mark Aoyagi, Ph.D., C.M.P.C., co-director of sport and performance psychology at the University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology, suggests following what feels natural to you.

"Find something you enjoy. Many people view a workout as something that has to be uncomfortable, unpleasant and unenjoyable—in other words, work", he said. "Rather, a workout is just a way of moving your body that encourages some health benefits like strength, endurance, flexibility or resilience—depending on what you are looking to improve [or feel]".

Plus, he noted that you'll see greater benefits if you pick a workout you like, since you'll probably do it more and stick with it for longer. One 2003 study found that those who enjoy their form of exercise reported being more physically active. And in a 2013 qualitative study, researchers concluded that increasing how much someone enjoys physical activity can also increase their odds of sticking with it over time.

The NTC App has hundreds of free workouts for any fitness level, many of which you can do without any equipment (aside from maybe a yoga mat). Here are eight to get you started. Simply download the NTC App, search for the below workouts and go!

1. 7-Minute, Total-Body Desk Detox

For a quick one that beginners can enjoy, consider doing this seven-minute workout. It's a great option for at-home workers hoping to recharge in the middle of a busy day or for anyone looking to loosen up their hips, shoulders and upper back without spending too much time. Movements include dynamic chest stretches, reverse lunges, knee hugs and hip openers to help get the blood flowing.

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2. The Baseline Push

For an intermediate-level workout, consider this 15-minute class, which includes a sequence of high-intensity bodyweight drills that help build agility, endurance and lower-body strength. If you're new to these types of workout and trying to include more strength training in your routine, practise some patience. It may take some repetition before it feels like a natural part of your workout programme.

"Studies vary, stating that it can take anywhere from about three to 36 weeks to form a new habit", said Justin Anderson, Psy.D., L.P., director and founder of Premier Sport Psychology. "Either way, nearly a month or nearly a year is a long time—no matter how you look at it. Our brains simply need time to unwire, rewire or create and strengthen those neural pathways".

In other words, through repeated action, the patterns and connections in the brain can help reinforce a desired behaviour, ultimately helping form a habit.

3. Burpees, Bounds and Bridges

For an advanced-level, high-intensity option, this 31-minute class will have your core feeling the burn. With star jumps, squats and side-plank leg lifts, the movements in this endurance workout are meant to help improve core stability, lower-body endurance, mobility and muscular endurance.

4. Vinyasa Yoga Flow

If you're looking for a class that will help strengthen the mind as much as the body, consider this intermediate-level, 42-minute class. This foundational yoga flow focuses on hip opening, as well as full-body endurance and mobility. You may feel extra refreshed if you take your yoga mat outside and enjoy this workout in the open air.

"Working out outdoors reduces stress and increases general well-being, creativity, connection with the present moment, awareness, gratitude and awe", said Aoyagi. "Awe is an interesting one as it, in turn, promotes social connections, wonder and curiosity".

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5. Kickboxing Fit

For a dynamic workout that challenges the entire body, consider this intermediate-level, 36-minute endurance class. The class mixes elements of Muay Thai with bodyweight exercises (think planks and squats) and then finishes with speed drills, helping test and improve athletes' coordination and cardiovascular fitness.

6. 5-Minute HIT: Your First HIT Class

Five minutes may seem short, but if you're looking to build up to high-intensity training (HIT), it can be helpful to start small with a beginner-level class like this one.

"All things take patience, and if you can start slowly and easily, chances are greater that you will stick to it. When I was in graduate school, I started my fitness routine by simply doing three push-ups per day", said sports psychologist Tom Ferraro, Ph.D.

This five-minute beginner class, led by Nike trainer David Carson, CSCS, features just two moves so you can practise and improve as you go.

7. Hot Girl Core with Megan Thee Stallion

To help strengthen and tone your abs, consider going with this beginner-level, 15-minute workout with rapper Megan Thee Stallion and Nike trainer Tara Nicolas. This workout requires no equipment, and in a short time, it'll help you start building strength, endurance and balance.

8. Reach and Recharge

Consider this 30-minute beginner class to work on balance, flexibility and strength. Each movement is designed to help improve mobility and leave you feeling focused and grounded. Ultimately, if this type of workout is new to you, respect your limits and do your best to enjoy the process.

"Be present during your new workout. Be patient. Give yourself grace. And accept that things won't always go well or go to plan", said Anderson. "Then, focus on what you can control versus worrying about what you can't".

Words by Clara Olshansky

Originally published: 10 June 2022

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